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Summary: Red Ice Radio is an independent AltRight program headquartered on the west coast of Sweden, in the heart of Scandinavia. Red Ice Radio is hosted by Henrik Palmgren. We feature interviews and programs on a wide range of topics related to European displacement, mass migration & multiculturalism, cultural Marxism, pathological altruism, political correctness, propaganda & manipulation, Swedish socialism (the Nordic model), the survival of Western civilization, historical lies and mass media control of information and opinion. We are dedicated to providing you thought provoking content that other outlets refuse to touch. All the things you never get to hear. We also focus on health, traditional European culture & the spirituality of our ancestors. Red Ice release three programs a week, this includes Radio 3Fourteen with Lana Lokteff, a bi-weekley program. Additionally, we produce videos and commentary., & was founded by Henrik Palmgren. The team also includes Fredrik Tormann, Lana Lokteff and Franklin John Kale.

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 Robert Otey - Unscientific Cosmogony: Gravity, Quantum Physics & Einstein - Hour 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:04:06

Robert Otey has spent the past 25 years doing research into alternative Cosmology. He is behind the YouTube channel, 77Gslinger, where he has close to 700 videos relating to the Electric Universe, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, and the work of Walter Russell, Viktor Schauberger, DB Larson, Nikola Tesla and others. Otey is the author of two books, “Free Energy and Free Thinking” and “Gravity is a Myth and Does Not Exist; Electricity is the Only Force in the Universe.” Robert begins with an overview of the convincing evidence he has discovered that contradicts and debunks the flawed theoretical gravitation based/big bang cosmogony taught in academia. He states that his enormous body of work proves this is in fact an electric universe based upon the foundations of sacred geometry. He gives credit to the revolutionary free energy discoveries made by Schauberger, Tesla, Moray, and others who discarded the false models of explosion based, fuel sucking technology upheld to render astronomical profits for the world’s energy barons, war mongers and central bankers. Robert explains the main proofs behind the electric universe model and how these elements produce the effect we know as gravity. We discuss the model of magnetism, the field of quantum physics, and the nuclear atom theory. Robert talks about the two main foundations of quantum mechanics, The double-slit experiment and the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. We look at the idea of relativism in science and the deceptive language of mathematics, along with the history of Einstein and his manufactured science. Further, we consider the birth of the Nobel Prize scene and the corresponding rise of National Socialism in Germany. In the member segment, Otey gets into the heavily ethnocentrically promoted arena of Jewish inventions and the mythical “genius gene” that is supposedly responsible for a huge proportion of Nobel Prize winning scientific discoveries in physics. We discuss the cultural Marxist infiltration of academia and the shameless bid for control through junk technologies that is destroying Western civilization. We look at the achievements of Victor Schauberger, a nature based scientist from a long lineage of foresters, who engineered sophisticated tools based on his observations of the power of implosion. Robert touches on the subject of radiation and the nuclear scare scam that he says needs reexamining. We give some critical thought to the viability of free energy and what has been keeping this Earth preserving technology from replacing the current, colossally costly applications. Later, we examine the credibility of popularly upheld scientists like Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking, and we speculate as to why the bulk of modern scientific developments are keyed in on intensifying the death grip of control on humanity.

 Tito Perdue - The Ills of Equality & Extreme Democracy - Hour 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:07:24

Tito Perdue was born in 1938 in Chile and he returned to Alabama in 1941 with his family. Tito graduated from the University of Texas in 1961 and spent some time working in New York City, an experience which garnered him his life-long hatred of urban life. After holding positions at various university libraries, Tito has devoted himself full-time to writing since 1983. He has seven novels published to date, and Arktos has published his novel “Morning Crafts,” along with “William’s House,” both of which are part of a four volume series. In this dialogue, Tito begins with the story of his life and times in Alabama and the inspiration that led him to embark on a literary career. We talk about the ideologies that America was founded on, with focus on the concept of equality that was in response to what was considered oppressive aristocracy. Tito explains his views on the shift away from natural order resulting from the push for extreme democracy, and we look at the debasing of racial heritage that has degenerated the fundamental values of Western culture. We consider the universal experience of racism and the nature of the human psyche that has been repressed because of the stagnation created from obsession with excessive material wealth and the absence of true opposition and conflict. We discuss the history of cultures who have failed to rise up in resistance to invasions and we look at the undeniable dilapidation that is currently occurring in the West as the refugee incursion intensifies. Further, Tito talks about the advancement of Islam and the psychological warfare that keeps Whites from questioning the viability of multiculturalism. In the members’ hour, we look at the impending extinction of Western culture as we know it, and Tito speaks about the extraordinary movement of national socialism in the 1930s. We get into the ills of feminism and the realities of self-segregation between differing cultures, along with the destructive transformation of America that began with the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. Tito emphasizes the downfalls of “diversified” civilizations and says that the globalist’s control of the media is to blame for promoting the war on Whites and the heinous policies designed to discriminate against the founding blood of the US. We also talk about propaganda-filled Hollywood movies that are destroying the true history and mythos of European culture and the anti-White emotional programming that is endorsed through academia and influential media, such as the New York Times. At the end, Tito leaves us with ideas for strengthening the New Right movement and sustaining a merchant class of our own, that will drive its successful realization.

 Mike Walker - The Return of Odysseus - Hour 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 58:31

Mike Walker is an author and poet who is the former editor of the “The Scorpion,” a renowned British new right magazine. He has written three plays: “King,” “Hitler’s Temptation,” and the newly published, “The Return of Odysseus.” Walker’s verse has appeared in a variety of publications and he has spoken publicly on literary and political themes. Mike is with us to impart his motivations for writing “The Return of Odysseus,” an adaptation of Homer’s deeply symbolic, mythological tale of the long-lost King of Ithaca, Odysseus, and the return to his homeland. We discuss the ages-old theme of a king coming home and inspiring a civilization to ascend from a state of decay into nirvana or a golden age, and we look at the vital aspect of culture, expressed through art, music, and literature, in affecting political change. Mike tells how the story of Odysseus, who is thwarted by the gods and lost at sea while Ithaca’s civilization deteriorates, connects to man’s esoteric voyage into his own soul. We consider the archetypal forces of “good” vs. “evil” and how classic Greek mythology speaks to the psyche of Europeans today more than ever as their nation states are being flooded to the point of cultural oblivion. We explore how lacking a righteous leader while being tricked into believing that democracy exists within a crooked establishment leads man to fear authority. We also delve into the power and advantage that culture holds over any rigid political movement in that emotionally engaging material can produce a more multi-layered understanding of the challenges we are faced with. In the members’ hour, we take stock of the general lack of art from the nationalist movements. We talk about how the established cultural framework has been shaped through the liberal agenda to create a mass obsessed with the satisfaction of carnal desires. Mike relates this soullessness to ugly modern architecture, and we look at how the inversion of natural order and true beauty keeps the mindless consumer from realizing the magnitude of man’s impact on Earth. In closing, Mike gives words of advice and encouragement for artists, writers and visionaries who are inspired to help overturn the hostile power elite, accentuating the key element of consistently working with the intuition.

 Red Ice Yule Special - Myths & Forgotten Traditions of the Winter Solstice | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:35:21

In this special Yuletide episode, most of the Red Ice crew – Henrik, Lana, John and Melanie (we missed you, Fredrik!) –joins together to discuss the significance of the winter holiday season today and what this important time of year meant to our ancestors. We talk about our childhood memories of Christmas and family teachings, or lack thereof, of pre-Christian traditions surrounding the winter solstice and return of the sun. Henrik describes the ancient Norse pagan ritual, the Blót, which included sacrificial offerings at Uppsala to the gods Odin and Freya, and Lana tells the mythical story of the Wild Hunt, with the flying 8-legged horse, Sleipnir. We get into the legend of Krampus, the shamanic aspects of Santa Claus, the significance of the colors of Yule, the burning of the Yule log, and other symbols central to survival. We receive a history lesson on the origins of Kwanza and Hanukkah, and we look at how Christmas has been culturally appropriated and manufactured into celebrations that hijack the ancient energy of northern European solar traditions. Then, we discuss how Hanukkah has taken center stage at the White House and we listen to a clip from Obama’s big liberal propaganda party that included PC holiday blessings from the wife of Israel’s genocidal president. Our conversation rounds off with thoughts on the importance of storytelling and practicing rituals, along with rediscovering and honoring the ancient Norse essence of generosity and clan loyalty.

 Patrick Le Brun - Front Nationale, Identitarian Activism & Successful Tactics - Hour 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:27:30

Patrick Le Brun is a writer and activist who has written many articles for Counter-Currents. He has extensive experience with the French Identitarian movement. He is currently based in the United States, where he mentors college students who wish to engage in activism. Patrick is with us to discuss some of the good news coming out of the French Regional election that took place on December 13th. He explains France’s unique election process with its two-round runoff system to elect the regional presidencies, along with strategies used by the Front National (FN) party. We look at how the European refugee crisis and rise in terrorist attacks have driven many voters towards Marine Le Pen and FN and away from parties supporting the globalist elites already in place. Patrick gets into the citizenship issues faced by native White French people, and he outlines a pamphlet put out by French Identitarians that is addressing remigration laws. We talk about the promising movements of post-communist European countries that are rediscovering Nationalism and rejecting the current elected officials’ agenda to destroy national identity. Then, Patrick illustrates the deeply corrupt state of the military industrial complex and the money that is being funneled into the Islamic State under the umbrella of the US and NATO. We also consider the incredibly harsh punishments that have been faced by people who speak out against organizations attacking the dignity of humanity, and what can be done to bring back power to those who are fighting for traditionalism. In the members’ section, Patrick talks about strategies that are making headway in the turn back towards European Nationalism and traditionalism. We look at the generational shift occurring in countries like The Czech Republic and Austria, where over 50% of people age 30 and younger are voting for Nationalist parties. Patrick outlines how we can think in terms of marketing to take back the visual culture of neighborhoods and reach potential comrades with analogous principles. He details the basis of his article featured on Counter Currents, “How Traditional Catholics Are Taking Back the Visual Culture of France.” Patrick emphasizes how the market for contemporary art has become a racket for the very wealthy to dodge inheritance taxes, and we discuss some of the downright degenerate filth that has been allowed to defile public places. We get into the tactics Identitarian activists are using in building relationships with organizations that can truly aid in the fight against cultural Marxism in all its disgusting forms. Later, we touch on the obstacles that revolutionaries like Marine Le Pen have overcome and what it takes for leaders to win the hearts of the people.

 Pete Papaherakles & Victor Thorn - America's Racial Powderkeg - Hour 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:02:59

Pete Papaherakles was born in Greece and has lived in the US since the age of 9. He is a writer for American Free Press (AFP) and the Barnes Review, as well as an illustrator and political cartoonist and AFP’s outreach director. Victor Thorn founded Sisyphus Press and has authored 56 published books, including “The New World Order Exposed” and “9-11 on Trial.” He also co-founded WING TV (World Independent News Group) and is an investigative reporter for AFP, with nearly 1,000 published articles. “America’s Racial Powder Keg: How a Violent Dependency State Has Been Created Within the Black Community” is a new compilation edited by Victor, which includes 16 of his articles and 22 articles by Pete Papaherakles, along with a few others by Dave Gahary, John Friend, and Bill White. Pete and Victor are with us to discuss how “America’s Racial Powder Keg” came together and what prompted the different writers to address the very taboo racial issue that has become completely distorted within the Marxist educational system and controlled MSM. We look at the problems of race that have escalated dramatically since Obama came into office and how his bid for “change” has resulted in a hotbed of issues for “post racial America” that are being selectively ramped up by the media. Victor describes self-hating White liberals as the root cause behind the perpetuation of the narrative of evil White oppressors and inherent White guilt, and we consider how the establishment uses racial tension to disenfranchise the founding race of the US. We analyze how the media’s focus on isolated events such as the Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown shootings are undermining local control by police departments, bringing on federal intervention and furthering the Marxist war against nationalism and family values. Then, Pete talks about the brainwashing propaganda concerning slavery that conceals the real source of racism stemming from black slave masters looking to bolster their own power. We also discuss black crime statistics and the discrimination against merit that has been implemented through affirmative action. In the members’ segment, Pete illuminates our progressive move towards a fake reality that promotes the narrative of terror for the political agenda of the Empire. We talk about fear conditioning and learned helplessness that is programmed as a means to demoralize the people, and we look at the false flag factor that creates a kind of schizophrenic reaction to Islamic insurgence infecting the West. We get into the issue of pathological altruism and the fallacies of equality within the liberal belief system. Pete clarifies the history of slavery and asserts that Whites should discard the accepted storyline that blacks continue to be owed reparations. Later, we discuss the overall conditions that existed for sub-Saharans prior to their encounters with Whites, along with the racial differences that have allowed for the advancement of the Western civilization.

 Jennifer Upton - Ordeal of Mercy: Catholicism in Europe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:22:43

Jennifer Doane Upton grew up in Kentucky and studied under Wendell Berry at the University of Kentucky. She then moved to San Francisco where she studied poetry with Jack Gilbert, Jack Marshall and Kathleen Frazer. She’s had a lifelong interest in the mystical poetry of the world, which later developed into interest in traditional metaphysics and comparative religion. Mrs. Upton is the author of three books: “Dark Way to Paradise: Dante’s Inferno in Light of the Spiritual Path,” “Black Sun: Poems 1965-1985,” and “The Ordeal of Mercy: Dante’s Purgatorio in Light of the Spiritual Path.” Jenny joins us following the publication of her new book, “The Ordeal of Mercy,” which “presents the Purgatorio, according to the science of spiritual psychology, as a practical guide to travelers on the Spiritual Path.” The book was written in response to what Jenny views as a hidden part of Christianity that is fundamental to the European spirit. She talks about the ethnic element encompassing all religions, along with the migrant invasion of Europe that is being sanctified by Pope Francis. We look at corrupt facets of the Catholic Church that have been casting aside traditional Christian values of the Old Church since the Renaissance. Jenny gives her perspective on the Catholic appeal to social relevance and Universalist ideals. She says this reforming and adopting of liberal values abandons what is good for the soul of the indigenous European population. Furthermore, Jenny asserts that the church has turned its back on the people and is committing spiritual suicide by kowtowing to whims of culturally incompatible immigrants who take offense to Christian tradition. Then, we discuss the origins of Christianity, the source of the bible, and the manner in which Christianity was introduced to the native Europeans. We also consider how charity has become secularized through reformations of Christianity, and where the shift to materialism has shrouded the metaphysical aspect of spirituality.

 Govan Kilgour - Islamic Invasions of Europe & The Heroes That Pushed Them Back - Hour 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:16:30

Govan Kilgour is a Canadian researcher, writer, and vlogger. His work online for the past 8 years has largely been focused on health and longevity, but more recently he's been covering a wider range of topics that he sees as crucial to the future survival of Western European culture. His YouTube channel touches on everything from history to current world events, demographic issues, social engineering, and more. Our conversation with Govan begins with an overview of the unsung kings and heroes featured in his video, “This is Europa - 10 Underdog Heroes of History.” We discuss some of the hundreds of battles that have been fought between Europeans and Islamic forces, focusing on modern-day Middle Eastern 4th generation warfare tactics that have pulled the rug out from underneath the conventional West. Govan credits Europe’s refugee invasion as the impetus behind his current quest to reinvigorate the spirit of noble European heroes, and we look at the infiltration by Cultural Marxist ideology that has blurred the lines of traditional warrior myths. We touch on the Persian invasion of Greece and the role of the Byzantine Empire in protecting Western Europe from Islamic invasion. Further, Josh gets into Charles Martel’s victory over the Arabs in the Battle of Tours, Vlad Dracula’s brutal conquest of the Ottomans, and other important events that stemmed the tide of Muslim advancement into Europe. In the members’ hour, we discuss the perpetual state of crime and violence in Western Europe that is escalating as the incursion of culturally incompatible Muslims swells. We consider the serious problems Europeans face as the deceitful Universalist narrative leads its native populations down the path to destruction and replacement. Govan talks about the ruling elite that is behind the big push to permanently change Europe’s demographics, and he says that the Nationalistic mentality is the only mechanism for quelling the infiltration and dismantling we face. Then, Govan emphasizes the importance of physical strength and mastering self-defense, and the essential connection of mind and body in overall health. We focus on the differences in mentality of people from intensely violent 3rd world countries and those who are simply unaccustomed to conflict.

 Jay Dyer - San Bernardino Shooting: Islam, The West & False Flags - Hour 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:11:51

Jay Dyer is behind the website JaysAnalysis, which is dedicated to investigating the deeper themes and messages found in our globalist pseudo culture and illustrating the connections between philosophy, metaphysics, secret societies, Hollywood, psychological warfare and comparative religion. Dyer deconstructs these subjects in his weekly talk radio show, Esoteric Hollywood. The conversation with Jay begins on the lethal San Bernardino Muslim couple, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, and the media circus that was allowed to trample through the crime scene contained within the killers’ home. Jay talks about the intricate relationship between the media, the military and intelligence agencies, and we look at the inconsistent stories coming out from shoddy journalists. Then, we discuss the increase in violence and crime directly related to Islam within Europe and the many incidents that are ignored or covered up by the mainstream. Jay outlines the globalist corporate plan to open borders, and we consider how the false dialectic of mainstream politics plays into the religion of consumerism. In the members’ hour, we get into the chaos that has been created by multiculturalism and Islam in the West. Jay illustrates how ISIS affiliates have cropped up in countries formerly invaded by the US in the march for Middle Eastern oil domination. Further, we evaluate Turkey’s NATO-driven role in arming the forces aimed at overthrowing Assad and ushering in a new regime aligned with Israel. Then, Jay talks about the big picture of liberalism and the modern-day, anti-nature notion of interchangeable humanness that was scripted during the enlightenment and French Revolution. Later, we look at the establishment’s long term social engineering plans that are being rolled out through the educational system. At the end, Jay addresses our current cultural infantilism and the degeneration of popular entertainment.

 Jim Fetzer - Nobody Died at Sandy Hook - Hour 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:53

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth. He has published widely on the theoretical foundations of scientific knowledge, computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science and evolution and mentality. He is the author and co-author of many books, including “The Evolution of Intelligence,” “The 9/11 Conspiracy,” and “And I Suppose We Didn’t Go to the Moon, Either?” Jim is with us to discuss “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,” his latest book collaboration edited with Mike Palecek and featuring contributors James F. Tracy, Ph.D., Dr. Eowyn, Ph.D., Nick Kollerstrom, and others. Jim begins with details about the banning of his book by less than a month after publication and after nearly 500 copies had been circulated. He explains damning evidence presented in the book that exposes the corrupt Obama administration, and says that mass shooting events like Sandy Hook, Charleston and Roseburg are elaborate PSYOPs designed to instill fear in particular segments of the American population to push gun control agendas. Jim gives a rundown of the apparent staged setting of Sandy Hook Elementary School, where red flags abound, including indications of two-day FEMA drill operation, missing bullet holes in photographic “evidence,” signs the school had been previously abandoned, and more. We discuss clues pointing to a fictionalized killer, Adam Lanza, along with aspects of supposed family members and witnesses that appear to be fraud and fakery. In the members’ hour, which was recorded on December 2nd as the San Bernardino, CA social services employee party massacre was unfolding, we touch on the US’s mixed up and maniacal affairs with the Middle East and ISIS, Syria, Turkey and Russia. Then, Jim gets into some of the strange details surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing, and we look at the pervasive presence of active shooter drills and general state of confusion and inconsistency that have become the hallmarks of high-profile, deadly crimes. Later, we discuss mass Muslim migration into the West as an instrument of warfare and the schizophrenic reaction to the staged chaos that has been programmed into the masses. We wrap up with thoughts on the 2nd Amendment, Martial Law, and Trump.

 Sam Dickson - America & Europe: Price of Liberty & Error of Equality - Hour 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:04:02

Sam Dickson is a Southern historian and a prominent Atlanta attorney who has offered legal counsel to White activists in America. He attended the University of Georgia in the late '60s and was active in the conservative organizations Young Republicans and Young Americans for Freedom. He graduated from University of Georgia Law School in 1972 and opened his law offices in Atlanta. Dickson is a member of the Council of Conservative Citizens and has given frequent lectures at American Renaissance. Sam joins us for a discussion about the history of America and Europe and the current state of these civilizations. He begins by talking about the contradictions within the core values of conservatism. We look at the chronology of the birth of the American nation, the character of the European countrymen who left their native communities to build a new country, and the ideology of freedom that was indoctrinated in those who were looking to escape the crown. Sam explains how there was a natural market for libertarian type ideologies to flourish in the original American colonies. He says that Thomas Jefferson’s drafting of the US Declaration of Independence implanted the dogma of inalienable rights of equality and other senseless notions of liberty that go against natural law. We consider the attraction of egalitarianism and the fallacies of libertarianism, and we take stock of the quickly deteriorating liberal agenda that has enjoyed three generations of prosperity and peace. In the members’ segment, Sam emphasizes the great potential of the working class rising up with a new form of rebellion in response to the replacement level migration occupying all European founded countries. We discuss the driving forces behind the opposition to the rise of Nationalism, and Sam draws comparisons between the leadership styles of intensely loyal minority groups and the psychopathic Western oligarchy currently governing the majority. Sam brings forth the idea of artificial belief clusters that are created to divide any racial communitarians that could be actively promoting self-interests, and he talks about the three main types of propaganda that keep people’s minds shrouded from the negative consequences of multiculturalism and diversity. Sam also talks about making practical investments in self-interests, leading by authoritative example and gets into the passivity that exists within the US when it comes to preserving honor and culture.

 Matthew Heimbach & Jack Sen - Anarchy in the UK: Migrants Welcome, Nationalists Barred | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:20:21

Matthew Heimbach is the original founder of the Towson University White Student Union (WSU). After finishing college, Matthew and the Towson WSU joined forces with other dedicated White activists to create the Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN), a group dedicated to defending faith, family and folk on high school and college campuses around America. Jack Sen started up British Renaissance after leaving the British National Party (BNP). He was formerly a United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) prospective Member of Parliament for Northern England before being unceremoniously, and quite publicly, suspended by his party one week prior to the General Election. Matt and Jack are back with Red Ice to discuss events surrounding the recent barring of Matt from the UK by the Home Office’s Theresa May. Matt was scheduled to appear alongside Jez Turner at the British Renaissance inaugural Patriots summit, which will be hosted by Jack on November 29th. Matt talks about the “extreme” ideas creating static around his reputation and prompting accusations of "anti-Semitism," "homophobia" and other thought crimes against humanity. Jack describes how the BNP recently pushed him out for being “too extreme,” and we look at the pervasive theme of grassroots Nationalist organizations coming under fire for gathering and threatening the Orwellian status quo. We get into the scary reality of “freedom of speech” and the absurd double standards of hate speech laws, along with the utter hypocrisy of “safe spaces.” Matt and Jack illustrate how the disingenuous left’s fueling of the mad march towards Western multiculturalism is by design for the internationalist agenda to subvert culture and consolidate power. We discuss the lunacy of Islamic caliphates being allowed to organize within Europe to preach extreme hatred for the native populations and carry out heinous crimes against its women and children. We round off the conversation with strategies for promoting peaceful cooperation and solidarity within the growing traditional Nationalist movement.

 Piero San Giorgio - Survive the Economic Collapse - Hour 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:45

Piero San Giorgio is a Swiss author and former businessman and software executive. For the past decade, he has studied the global economic system and its dependence on ever-expanding populations, debt, and resource exploitation. He is author of several books, including the best seller, "Survive the Economic Collapse.” In the first hour, we touch on the recent Paris killing rampage and the tactics that make these terroristic events possible. Piero points to the ruling Western oligarchy’s meddling in Middle Eastern oil interests as a key piece of the puzzle. We discuss the tribal nature of the people being extruded by the millions from this battle-weary region, along with the engrained brutality that is completely foreign to most Europeans. Piero explains how we are at the beginning of the final fall of the global economy operating for the past 70 years, and he says the Western way of mass consumerism and instant gratification has created several generations of weak people ripe for conquering. We analyze the mainstream media’s fueling of identity politics that has served to further divide an already atomized society. Then, Piero emphasizes how the hollowing out of morals through the implantation of ideologies like feminism and cultural Marxism is the nexus of what’s to come in the collapse. We consider the perfect storm that has been created by the exponential growth of the world’s population, paired with a global economy based in dwindling resources and debt, and compounded by the corrosive effects of mass immigration into a complex and fragile system. In the second hour, we continue looking at the potential variables of an economic collapse, including decreasing oil production, scarcity of nutritious food, and a lack of potable water. Piero illustrates how the US government’s disastrous foreign policy and financing of its military industrial complex fully demonstrates the magnitude of the crisis at hand. Then, he breaks down the way to conceptualize a global financial collapse and how to prepare by getting rooted in both the physical ground and one’s own traditions and culture. Piero covers seven elements for developing autonomy and living a sustainable way of life: securing a water source, growing food, practicing self-reliant hygiene and health, understanding energy technology, honing skills/knowledge and preserving culture for future generations, defense of self and family, and building strong social bonds.

 Ann Corcoran - Refugee Resettlement: "Diversifying" the West - Hour 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:02:32

Ann Corcoran was educated at Rutgers and Yale Universities and is a conservative grassroots activist who blogs at Refugee Resettlement Watch, the go-to place on the internet for anyone wishing to understand the governmental process of the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program. In early 2015, the Center for Security Policy Press published her monograph in book form entitled: ‘Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America.’ Ann joins us to discuss her important work at Refugee Resettlement Watch, where she reports on the mass immigration of refugees into America and the ongoing crisis in Europe. She highlights her research into the Virginia Council of Churches, a program that is responsible for resettling hundreds of mainly Muslim refugees in rural western Maryland beginning in 2007. We discuss the political ties of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) to the US Democratic Party, along with their underlying agenda. Ann explains the different meanings of ‘refugee’ and ‘asylum seeker,’ and she touches on the UN process for selecting refugees from different parts of the world for resettlement in the US. She talks about federal grants that are awarded to big corporations who seek to employ cheap immigrant factory laborers, as well as the taxpayer expense of importing impoverished families who are placed on the fast track to receiving welfare benefits. Then, we get into the federal government’s plans to ‘diversify’ certain zip codes across the US, and the HUD housing rewards that keep city officials and developers blinded from the long term consequences of accommodating completely incompatible cultures. In the members’ section, we consider the drastic warfare measures that have been used throughout recent history to keep Islam out of Europe. We discuss the current massive invasion of Europe, and the fact that Europeans are looking at becoming the minority in their countries within two generations if the rates persist. We look at high profile terrorist actions that make the global mainstream news and the everyday nefarious crimes stemming from invaders that PC journalists refuse to touch. Ann emphasizes that we are in an extreme situation that calls for a swift response, and she says that the only way is through the reformation of US programs for refugees and asylum seekers. Later, we talk about Obama’s proposed budget for the resettlement of 85,000 refugees this fiscal year, and signs that US governors are finally catching on to the absurdity and double standards of this agenda.

 Mark Weber - Paris Attacks: Analysis & Consequences - Hour 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:04:26

Mark Weber is an American historian, author, lecturer and current affairs analyst with a specialized knowledge of US foreign policy, international relations, the Second World War, and, more broadly, of twentieth-century European and American history. Weber is also director of the Institute for Historical Review, an independent, public interest research and publishing center in southern California. In 1988 Weber testified for five days in Toronto District Court as a recognized expert on Germany's wartime Jewish policy and the Holocaust issue. Our conversation begins with a brief overview of the recent deadly events in Paris and the intensifying conflicts Europe has endured thanks to the EU’s undying championing for diversity and tolerance. Mark gives a historical perspective on the growth of ISIS by focusing on the disruption caused in the Middle East by US powers in their lunatic pursuit of importing an alien form of government into a region with starkly contrasting cultural and religious standards and outlooks. We discuss Israel’s interests in creating mass chaos and disorder among ME countries, along with its conflicting relationship with the US. Mark says the hypocritical policies and alliances formed by the US have all but nullified its guiding ideology. Then, we bring our focus to the cultural suicide that Europe has set into motion as multiculturalism becomes its new religion. We look at the profound racial differences of Islam that are being infused into the national fabric of Europe, as leaders in their morally superior display of tolerance systematically divide this once cohesive civilization. In the members’ hour, we shift back to Paris and the many dimensions of war that have readied the Western stage for a dramatic battle with the Middle East. Mark emphasizes the role of society, its leaders, the educators and the media in supporting policies that have led to this social breakdown and chaos. We consider factors unique to multicultural societies that result in alienation, mistrust, and resentment, producing extremist radicals looking for somewhere to belong. Furthermore, the normalization of violence and the institutionalization of White guilt has created a battleground ripe for the dispossession of Europeans. Later, we discuss the upside to all the chaos being created by the refugee crisis, which is shaping up to be the shakeup the West needs to bring forth a revolution.


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