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Angry & Cliff - The Podcast!

Summary: The Internet in your ears! The amusing ramblings of Britain\'s 17th* most popular blogger blogging duo. As featured in .net Magazine, PC Answers and at least two central London toilets. Listen as they tell stories, make jokes, and poke fun of things that don\'t poke back.

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 Angry’s Burning Bush | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:50

Blimey - it's been a while hasn't it? What with Cliff's marathon training, Angry's new business venture, and everyone ignoring Ben's incessant phone calls it's been just over two months since our last show. The good news is we're back.  Well, we say good news, but we're using the phrase in the loosest sense of the word.  It's show 85, despite us continually referring to it as show 84.  Two months off and we've forgotten how to count. Just over half an hour in which we discuss Cliff's near Pavlovian response to Jazz music, Ben tells us about his brilliant new Internet acronyms, and Angry does some gardening which ends up being a massive fire. There's a few bits in there that you could describe as regular, including a house that looks like Hitler (we have to mention Hitler, it's the law), what to do when your TV recorder reached 98%, and look at this day in history back to when you could buy a US state for a dollar and we examine Ben's alibi for the Reagan shooting. We're a little rusty, maybe you'll forgive us, maybe you won't - but we're pretty sure that everyone will have been unsubscribed in iTunes as it's been so long.  So if you have listened to this, or if it's appeared in your iTunes podcast list, please let us know in the comments below. Now go ahead and treat your ears.

 The Arrangement | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 38:40

We're back with a whimper as we dust off our Christmas and New Year excesses to bring you 35 minutes of rambling nonsense from one of the country's least listended to comedy trios. Via the magic of technology Ben joins in from his London hide-away, as Cliff tells us about the difficulties in making arrangements with a taxi driver, we discuss the Golden Globes and question whether Ricky Gervais went far enough, and we wonder if Liz Jones is actually a comedy creation from an as-yet unseen genius. It's birthdays for Jim Carey, Al Capone, and Shabba Ranks, and we get mixed up between Cheggers Plays Pops and Mike Reid's Runaround.  Angry tells us about his Paul Young haircut, and we wonder how cinema would have been different if James Earl Jones hadn't replaced David Prowse as the voice of Darth Vader. Listen, Tweet, Facebook, email - or whatever it is you kids do these days. We're also taking suggestions for show 100, which is a mere couple of months away... If you have any good ideas for what you'd like us to do, let us know.

 Cliff’s big Noam Chomsky gag | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:20

The Angry and Cliff podcast (with Ben) is back again with approximately thirty-nine minutes of never heard before waffle between three of the country's least qualified social commentators. This week we hear about Angry's trip to Butlins, which involved the mild (and accidental - Ed) physical abuse of a disabled person, Ben shatters Angry's preconceptions about the new Tron movie, and we finally let Cliff tell us about all the running he's been doing (he's going to run a marathon you know). All this plus we take a close look at why saying the 'C' word should happen more often on Radio 4, we revisit the horrifying tragedy that was Pearl Harbour (not just the film, the actual incident too), it's the birthday of Larry Bird and we wonder why the NBA isn't full of giant ginger curly haired people, and it is the birthday of Noam Chomsky - which gives Cliff the opportunity to tell a joke so good we put it in the title. Unless there is something on fire, I suggest you listen to it now.

 Learning to sing like Sting | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 44:58

A slightly extended podcast sees Angry, Cliff and Ben doing their best to impersonate Sting - and by best, I mean incredibly rubbish. We also look at the weeks we've had, which saw Angry pay cash money to get moaned at, Ben's Playstation gets bullied by his new iPhone 4, and Cliff is embarrassed when paying for petrol in the way only a real man can be. All this plus Jason Manford's Twitter adventures, we look at the Telegraph's coverage of Katie Melua becoming Vauxhall's new celebrity spokesperson, and like everyone else at the moment we talk about the Royal Bloody Wedding. It's also the day the pencil sharpener was invented, Pink Floyd release 'The Wall, and Miley Cyrus turns 18. Have listen, we had a proper laugh making this one - I guess a few weeks away does that to you. We'll be back next week, assuming Kim Jong Il can keep his finger off the button.

 Eva Cassidy’s glistening fields of gold | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 31:24

After a break so long we've decided to refer to it as a sabbatical, the Angry and Cliff Podcast (with Ben) is back!  With show 81, in fact. We look at the past six weeks, and Ben even put together a quiz to show us how much he missed us.  Though it soon became apparent that perhaps we hadn't missed him as much as we thought. Plus Angry goes to a car auction, Cliff visits lots of gay cities and we find out the name of Ben's new Hamster. Not only that, but we also talk at length about how famous you have to be before your murder is referred to as an assassination, and we also plan a new project which will involve Twitter-style 140 second podcasts. Listen. Share. Enjoy.  You know, the usual.

 Jason Derulo and the Bumbers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 41:09

The podcast has reached the venerable old age of 80, and we try to come up with things that get better after 80.  There aren't many. Angry and Cliff take and extended look at the Pope's UK visit, and all of the news coverage he brought with him, whilst also discussing Twitters latest hack and the now in danger Commonwealth Games. The history books tell us it was a birthday for Leonard Cohen, Liam Gallagher and Bill Murray, whilst Cliff gets the chance to learn all about the unique stylings of 21 year old Jason Derulo "Jaaason DeRULEooo". All this plus Mormons, miracles, JR Ewing's murky past and ginger people in Miami. Have a listen. Now.

 Lady Gaga’s meat purse | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:42

After a three week break podcast 79 is finally here as Angry, Cliff and Ben discuss what they've been up to since they last spent 30 minutes recording themselves for your meagre entertainment. They look at the latest in the news, including the potential downside of Lady Gaga's new meat attire, and how one might go about preparing a vegetarian alternative, George Michael's trip to prison, and the top story of the month so far, Monty Python burning the Koran. Or something. All this, plus birthday's for the Star Spangled Banner and Amy Winehouse, some facts about crashing stuff into the moon and something we talked about in the news section at the time it happened makes it into the On This Day feature - we knew it would happen eventually... Listen. Now.

 Fast Cars and Loose Talk | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:47

Podcast 78 sees Angry and Cliff joined by the magic of the Internet by Sam Burnett, who is here to give us the low down on the Formula One season so far, whilst also delivering and excellent critique of the modern art to be found in London's galleries. Cliff tells us about his holiday based car stories, Angry reminisces about a near-death experience from his past and gets ridiculously sunburned at Legoland. All this plus the birthday of the CD, the best selling jazz record of all time (I'll let you guess who brought that up). Robert De Nero reaches 67 and Belinda Carlisle hits 52 (both and Angry and Cliff still would, in case you're reading this Belinda). Enjoy it you filthy audiophiles.

 A show reminiscent of a podcast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:34

Podcast 77 sees Cliff and Angry going old skool due to an absent Ben who has selfishly gone on holiday without considering his podcast co-hosts. In his absence Angry discusses being stood up and inventing a new form of exercise, Cliff suffers several electronic disasters and we learn how it was actually the Vikings that discovered America.  Probably. We also take a look at rubbish adverts, a rubbish real-life Jaws remake and we defy the medical experts by telling you how you can get an all over tan. All this plus birthdays for Martin Sheen, Terry Wogan and the British Prime Minister between 1935 and 1937.  Yeah, we didn't know his name either. Treat your aural receptacles by subscribing on iTunes here (

 What a bunch of cults! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The podcast returns with a sense of normality as Angry, Cliff and Ben discuss Cliff's drunken debut at a blogmeet to celebrate the launch of Sex and Bowls and Rock and Roll (, Ben explains how he was attacked twice in a week, and Angry gives his reasons for hating Scientology. We also get a small glimpse into the inner workings of the minds of your hosts, we look at the best and worst of the week's TV in the BBC's Sherlock and Channel 5's Don't Stop Believing, and we get a history lesson regarding the Manic Street Preachers' track 'Kevin Carter'. All this plus jobless truck drivers selling the Ritz to gullible idiots, the Royal family on Flickr and we discuss the best endings possible to the ongoing will they / won't they saga in the latest BT adverts. It's a good'un, even if we do say so ourselves.

 When podgrams collide | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:45

We reach a milestone of sorts this week as we record our 75th episode.  It is technically our diamond anniversary, which is the same as your 60th, which is a bit of a swizz to be honest.  Who wants to be married for an extra fifteen years only to have the same party all over again.  Rubbish. Anyway, we celebrate the best way we know how, by inviting the boys from I Am Idiot ( to join us on our special day.  Howard, Keith and Ben sat with hosts Angry and Cliff as they discuss those things that tend to come to mind on Tuesday evenings. We look at the least successful showbiz collaborations of all time, alongside a few that we'd really, really like to see.  Keith thoughtfully gives us his guide to death, we consider the origins of auto-erotic asphyxiation and ponder Alexander The great's Irish accent. All this plus golf buggies on the moon, the reading of the Riot Act, and trying to blow up Hitler. You must listen.  Now.

 Mel Gibson and Sepp Blatter’s bellend | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:38

It's show 74 and we run a little longer than normal after getting carried away discussing the week's events such as Mel Gibson's phone-call outburst, Steven Seagal joining the police, and Australians riding crocodiles. We also discuss Angry riding a bucking bronco, Ben giving blood and Cliff being racially abused on Twitter. If that's not enough, there are birthdays for Julius Caesar, Harrison Ford, Patrick Stewart and the big Hollywood sign in, well, Hollywood. We're also looking for suggestions as we will be holding a joint podcast next week with the boys from I Am Idiot. ( If you would like to us discuss anything in particular, or you have an idea for a feature to keep five idiots amused, then let us know in the comments below...

 It’s Helmet versus Tangerine | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:34

Podcast 73 and Angry is pitted against Cliff in Ben's brilliantly titled quiz, "Guess the song from this short, yet impressive, intro Quiz".  You can play along at home / on the bus / in prison by trying to guess the songs in the nanosecond before Cliff tries to answer it.  Or wait until Angry gets a go and needs pretty much the entire song before he has any idea whatsoever. But it's not just one big quiz this week, oh no.  We also have Cliff's tale of identity theft as cyber criminals lower their targets a sufficient amount to finally make him a target, Angry shares some Fat Jim news and we commiserate with Ben over the loss of his beloved pet - for all of about five seconds. All this plus the Dalai Lama, porn films in hospitals, George Michael's driving ability and birthdays for Sylvester Stallone, George W Bush and Anne Frank - there's and eclectic mix if ever we had one. So come on in and wrap your sound-clams round our little podcast.

 Sneezy does it | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:19

Podcast 72 sees Cliff enjoying his first sneeze.  It's a surprise that a man of his advancing years had yet to experience the joys of a good sneeze, but at least he has now joined the club. This week we discuss our show being reviewed by a ten year-old, Ben getting annoyed by small people, and Angry learns how to walk in flip flops. All this plus World Cup failure, being condescending to spies, the best way to be disqualified from a beauty pageant (a Cornish beauty pageant, for clarification), and we go all high-brow and spend a few minutes talking about ballet and opera - honestly. Press the button and make some noise...

 Look how the balls follow you round the room | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:52

Podcasts are like buses aren't they?  None come along for ages, and then you find it's absolutely packed full of nutters. By the magic of technology and incompetence podcast 71 - recorded a whole WEEK after podcast 70 - is available to you just MINUTES after its predecessor.  This is like a brief glimpse into the future of time-travel, or a particularly dull episode of Doctor Who.  Or something. Anyway, all you need to know is that it's here, and it's ready to worm it's way into your head via those funny shaped holes at the side of your face.   This week we learn that Angry did a naughty picture, Ben did a naughty picture abroad, and Cliff didn't do any naughty pictures whilst looking uncomfortable in shorts. We also cover research showing being grumpy is good for you, actresses retiring at 24, and the billion dollars Michael Jackson has made since his death, whilst wondering if Frank Sidebottom will accrue similar amounts.    All this plus, Diego Maradona, Meryl Streep and Kris Kristofferson. Push the button.


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