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Summary: Natren®, 870002, has developed a probiotic supplement specifically designed for women to help this problem and balance the intestinal and vaginal ecology in their bodies. Vitamin, 363009, provides powerful protection for macular and full body health. It is an appropriate choice for non-smokers. this vitamins, 826273, is phytochemical support for healthy cells. indole-3-carbinol resulted in a favorable shift in estrogen metabolism.


 L Theanine Calm Plex 100 mg 60 cap | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:01:01

L Theanine Calm Plex 100 mg 60 cap, 360233,ProHealth-L-Theanine Calm-plex is a synergistic formula that effectively combines L-Theanine with GABA and 5-HTP for relaxation plus mood support. L-Theanine Calm-Plex uses Suntheanine brand L-theanine, the purest form of L-theanine available, to deliver maximum calming effects. With 46 international patents Suntheanine promotes relaxation, reduces stress, anxiety and irritability all without making you feel drowsy.


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