Grow See This: Podcast (mp4) show

Grow See This: Podcast (mp4)

Summary: As I was surfing the web for the first time these past few weeks. I had the same thought over and over again in my head. All of these web sites feel a little like lost voices in the void hoping to land in your lap (top), to inspire, refresh and ponder the profound and the profoundly strange. What is this urge to tell our stories to effectively no one and everyone? I realized then, that besides this slow burn in my belly to do this, I really I want to learn as much about the topic as you do. And so, through sharing my experience, I re-learn what it was that I wanted to learn in the first place and why, and to deepen my understanding of my subject. I haven't yet seen Recreating Eden , or smelled all 892 roses in the Pickering Nurseries catalogue, and I certainly don't have all of the answers (and wouldn't it be lovely if I did). It's just that I am really out there every day seeing, doing and observing, and why not share it with you gentle reader? For it is you that I think about when I make a garden. To bring serenity and joy to your day when you stop to smell the roses I have chosen and planted for one of my customers, in your neighbourhood. Oh that was cheesy! cheesy but heart felt. I am glad I wrote it. Enjoy my site and my podcasts.

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  • Artist: Beth Lawrence
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 Minicast-03: The Importance of Being Mulched | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: Unknown

Mulching: In our time of needing to be water wise, and wise with our time, mulching is a great way to keep soil moist. The trailer diving? Hmmmm, not so sure.

 Minicast-02: Hostile Division (mp4) | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: Unknown

This is a short, but sweet instructional video on the hostile division of Hostas. Get comfy, sit back and enjoy, and then...go get dirty. Beth PS Thanx Baird and Usha and Gary and Alex and Sarah and Emma and Colin(Dillon)

 Minicast-01: Permafrost in June | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: Unknown

Minicast-01: Permafrost in June

 Episode Zero(mp4): Off to the dump | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: Unknown

This our fist podcast, we call it Episode Zero because its primarily meant as a test, We hope you like it.


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