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Okay, we'll be the first to admit that these updates are slightly sporadic, but don't worry - we'll be nailing down a schedule soon. As for today, we have a little something from Mike Paradina's (a.k.a. µ-ziq, pronounced "music") electronic music label, Planet Mu Records. The first track is from Daedulus, an experimental electronic artist from Los Angeles. (Fun fact: his real name is Alfred Weisberg-Roberts.) The track, "Dumbfound (edIT Remix)," is off of Planet Mu's latest two-disc compilation, Sacred Symbols of Mu. This compilation is great fun and so, we decided to include a song from µ-ziq himself; thus track two is Paradina's "Wergle the Proud." For more information on the label and the compilation, Planet Mu's website is actually a good resource. The next two songs on the episode are "Stay one" and "Riding off" from Tom Burbank's Famous First Words; the album was 2006 late bloomer and definitely deserves some attention. Boomkat describes it best: "a glitchy river of melodic hip-hop and electronic intricacies." Our two cents: we like it. And finally, we've been pretty ambient-esque around here lately, so we decided it'd be fun to bring in some noise. Therefore, we've got two tracks - "Nishi -Ogi Punk Waste (Dedicated to Struggle For Pride)" and titular "Beats, Noise, and Life" - from the lastest Guilty Connector album, Beats, Noise, and Life. The word from Igloo Magazine is that "in Beats, Noise, and Life opposite moods and sonic extremes coexist to form a unique piece of art that goes beyond the basic meaning of noise." Woah. Enjoy! P.S. You can ignore this bottom part - just claiming our feed on Odeo and Podcast Alley. :] badapodcast! My Odeo Channel (odeo/ceef191745391646) My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-131386707458efcbde2712cb882679eb}

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Here's the deal. We've all had long days - yes, even us. :] Therefore, it's a good thing we're not following a rigid podcasting schedule yet because our friends at the Leaf Label have the perfect cure for a case of the longs days: a lengthy episode of airy, calming music. Thus, first, we leave it to Austrialian "space jazz" trio, Triosk, to take us away from our daily hazards. The first two tracks of this episode are off of newest release The Headlight Serenade; "Intensives Leben" and "Vostok" put us into a world of stimulating dance loops, samples, and electronics - and frankly, we like it. Check out UK's Guardian for a great write-up of the album. Next, Keiron Phelan and David Sheppard collaborate to bring us Phelan Sheppard's, Harps Old Master as well as the next two tracks on the episode: "Broken in the Wrong Places" and "The Plantagenet Whore" off of the aforementioned album. Almost Cool Music Reviews phrased it best by describing the album as "spellbinding ambient music." And it's just what we need. The following track is something pretty special: the 10-minute song, "Unrest," from Adrian Klumpes' Be Still. It's the centerpiece of Klumpes - the piano/keyboardist of Triosk - beautifully sparse solo album and it, despite what the title suggest, unwinds even the worst day. Word from Dotshop, Be Still is "minimal and introspective, yet rich and intense works composed for the piano." Lastly, Cecile Schott's Colleen et Les Boites des Musiques closes the cast. The 38-minute EP was composed as a special broadcast for a national radio station in France - PostEverything goes into minute details. Schott's work with music boxes and loops on tracks "Your Heart is So Loud" and "Please Gamelan Again" is the perfect ending to the end of our long day. We hope it's a good ending for yours too.

 Episode 1: A Preview | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Greetings All: Ba Da Bing! Records would like to introduce something we've been trying to get going: our very own badapodcast. We just wanted to give you a little something extra and start off 2007 right. :] We're going to attempt to provide you with a bi-weekly podcast of Ba Da Bing! goodies. Also, there will be the occasional Leaf Label and/or Planet Mu treat. Prepare yourselves. Our first episode is just a test to make sure we've got this technology stuff right. It's one track, but we've hand picked a really good one: "Postcards from Italy" by Beirut. It's off of Beirut's debut album Gulag Orkestar. You can read reviews at Pitchfork Media and Rolling Stone, amongst others. We're also going to be gracing iTunes Podcast Directory, so it will be really hard to escape us. Thanks for reading and keep an eye out!

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Surprise! Yes, we realize it has not been a full two weeks since our last update, but we decided we want to have a few episodes under our belt before we start to get strict about things around here. :] Thus, this time we're giving you four tracks - 01 "Elephant Gun" by Beirut, 02 "Rhineland (Heartland)" by Beirut, 03 "Glory" by Essie Jain, 04 "Disgrace" by Essie Jain. We may be a little biased, but we cannot help but admit that this update has some pretty great stuff. So where are these songs from? The first is off of Beirut's newest Lon Gisland EP. Out just last week, Williamsburg's lovely Independent Record Store, Sound Fix, says that it "puts to rest any fears that Zach Condon [mastermind behind Beirut] was a one-hit wonder." We're inclined to agree. The second track is off of Beirut's first release, Gulag Orkestar. The last two are from a new addition to Ba Da Bing!: the honey-voiced British ex-patriot Essie Jain. Her debut album, We Made This Ourselves, is officially out February 13th of this year. There is a great Dusted feature that showcases just how charming "London's latest gift to the Big Apple" is - we think you'll love her as much as we do. Look out for more soon and we hope you enjoy!


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