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Summary: Hollywood Futures is a free video podcast that provides short interviews with Hollywood celebrities, producers, directors, writers and other industry success stories who share advice for "making it" in the entertainment industry.

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 James Lipton gives advice for careers in Hollywood | File Type: video/mov | Duration: 00:05:00

For over 12 years James Lipton has been interviewing the hottest Hollywood celebrities for his show "Inside the Actors Studio." In this interview, Lipton shares advice for careers in Hollywood from his personal experiences and the hundreds of guests he's had a chance to sit down with.

 Arnold Schwarzenegger gives advice for careers in Hollywood | File Type: video/mov | Duration: 00:02:00

As a Hollywood celebrity, bodybuilding champion, and successful businessman, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a teen idol. In this interview, the muscular maverick gives teens advice for a successful future in any career.

 Advice for movie producers from Universal Pictures' Jim Brubaker | File Type: video/mov | Duration: 00:03:30

James D. Brubaker is an award winning producer and the President of Physical Production at Universal Studios. In this interview, Jim shares advice for producers from over 30 years of work in the entertainment industry.

 Advice for television producers from National Geographic's Donna Meir | File Type: video/mov | Duration: 00:03:30

Named one of the top 25 most powerful women in television, Donna is currently in charge of programming and producing for National Geographic kids programming. In this interview, she talks about what it takes to rise to her level of success in the television industry.

 Advice on becoming a business reporter from CNBC's Maria Bartiromo | File Type: video/mov | Duration: 00:02:00

Esteemed CNBC anchor and reporter Maria Bartiromo talks about how she became an icon in business reporting, and how viewers can break into the industry to become just as successful.

 Advice for television hosts and personalities from Donny Deutsch | File Type: video/mov | Duration: 00:02:30

In this interview, talk show host Donny Deutsch talks about his success with "The Big Idea" and gives advice on creating an equally successful television career in front of the camera.

 Advice for Screenwriters and Script Writers from the President of Walt Disney Pictures | File Type: video/mov | Duration: 00:01:53

In this interview, Nina Jacobson talks about how to become a successful screenwriter in Hollywood. How do you find a literary agent? How do you get your script in front of the studios? These questions and more are answered by one of the most powerful women in the entertainment industry.

 Interview with Nina Jacobson, President of Walt Disney Pictures | File Type: video/mov | Duration: 00:02:45

This interview is for anyone who aspires to work in Hollywood--in front of or behind the camera. Instead of giving up and going home after being fired twice in 18 months, Nina Jacobson stuck with the entertainment industry and rose through the ranks to her current position as President of Walt Disney Pictures.

 Interview with LA Lakers General Manager, Mitch Kupchak | File Type: video/mov | Duration: 00:02:53

Ever dream of becoming the next Michael Jordan or Emmitt Smith? What about being the person who hires these athletes? Kupchak, a former NBA player, talks about breaking into the sports-franchise business.

 Interview with Variety Magazine Editor-in-Chief Peter Bart | File Type: video/mov | Duration: 00:02:53

Currently the editor-in-chief for the entertainment industry's dominant trade publication, Peter Bart has an extensive background in journalism and Hollywood. Formerly a reporter for the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, an executive at 3 major movie studios, an independent film producer, a screenwriter, a television commentator and an author of books, both fiction and non--Peter talks about merging his interest in Hollywood with his passion for journalism.

 Interview with Spider-Man Producer Laura Ziskin | File Type: video/mov | Duration: 00:02:53

For anyone interested in film production, Laura Ziskin is the expert with all the answers. As the producer for Spider-Man 1 and 2, Laura was in charge of a daunting 9-digit budget. In this interview, she talks about the role of producer, what it is like to control millions of dollars, and gives advice to teens interested in careers behind the scenes in movie production.

 Interview with Jimmy Kimmel | File Type: video/mov | Duration: 00:03:12

Comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel gives career advice for the entertainment industry.


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