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 Mysterious Universe : Episode 822 – Mysterious Universe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:10:29

DOD Think Tank predictions for 2030 are discussed first up this week shortly followed by highly strange phantom Mammoth sightings from Nick Redfern. Andrew Nicholson then joins us for a short chat on his new book "Weird Australia" which inspires us to investigate fresh claims of ancient Egyptian colonies in New South Wales. This is our second last regular episode for season 8. Be sure to join us for our final show LIVE on December 21st and keep an eye on the site for details on how to tune in. Read on for show notes, music, and book links. This episode is sponsored by Audible. Click HERE for your FREE Audiobook The revolutionary 'contact lens' loaded with stem cells that restores sight - by helping the eye heal itself naturally These Patents Show A Seriously Shocking Future for Handcuffs U.S. Spies See Superhumans, Instant Cities by 2030 Monster Diary: Brad Steiger Reviews Andrew Nicholson - Weird Australia IAmA UFO investigator and was on Ancient Aliens, AMA Extension The extension of the show is exclusive to Plus+ Members. To learn how to join click HERE.  Renewed interest in Gosford glyphs Egyptians in Australia Part 1 - Steven Strong Re-Writing Australia’s History: The Egyptian Connection Reading Between the Walls and Lines: The Ancient Australian-Egyptian Connection VALERIE BARROW - CHANNELS the spirit of ALCHERINGA Valerie Barrow channels Alcheringa Vintage Alcheringa Audible Recommendations Twilight Of The Gods: The Mayan Calendar And The Return Of The Extraterrestrials Music Shadow Child - 23 (feat. Tymer) Stumbleine - Kaleidoscope Indian Wells - Wimbledon 1980 Wih'lo - It's True (Liar's 'It's a Lie' Mix) robosonic-theedge MJ Cole - Sincere (Nero Remix) Jamie Woon - Night Air (Felix Nite Till Thee Dawn Remix) 

 Mysterious Universe : Episode 821 – Mysterious Universe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:21:59

Gary Lachman joins us this week to discuss his new biography on 'The Mother of Modern Spirituality', Madame Helena Blavatsky.  Still being hailed as an icon and scorned as a fraud more than 120 years after her death, Blavatsky was a mystic, occult writer, child of Russian aristocrats, and spiritual seeker who traveled five continents, and founded the Theosophical Society. Oh and there's also her ability (according to MU) to magically fly across the himalayas while smoking a pound of tobacco per day. Read on for show notes, music, and book links. This episode is sponsored by Audible. Click HERE for your FREE audiobook download. Gary Lachman Gary's Website =================================================== Julia Gillard: 'The end of the world is coming' Curiosity Rover Finds Organic Signal on Mars, But Not Definitive: NASA No bug-eyed monsters: After hype, NASA finds carbon, chlorine on Mars Nasa to send new rover to Mars in 2020 Extension The Extension is exclusive to Plus+ Members. To learn how to join, click HERE.  The Lung-Gom-Pa Runners of Old Tibet Marathon Monks of Mt Hiei Music Sivey - Pink Matter (Sivey Slow Burn Edit) Lapalux - The Hours Jack Dixon - Sequin (Original Mix)  αtμ - ♥(V) - 'silly games' The Townhouses - Tokyo YLEM - Incandescence Feadz Kito - Wettex (Cashmere Cat Remix) Sivey - Pink Matter (Sivey Slow Burn Edit)

 Mysterious Universe : Episode 820 – Mysterious Universe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:19

Forecasts for humankind are made this week with new think tanks tackling the future development of AI and its impact on our very survival.  We then feature a conflicted view of ancient North America with ignored evidence revealing the advanced lost civilisations and the giant race that preceded them. Read on for show notes, music, and video. Ecstasy used to treat war veterans in new research SpaceX founder unveils plan to send 80,000 people to Mars Pentagon: A Human Will Always Decide When a Robot Kills You Cambridge centre to investigate inevitability of robot uprising Stonemason James Vieira of Ashfield studies 'mound builders,' ancient stonework Holocaust of Giants - The Great Smithsonian Cover-up Giants..Giants.Giants Extension The Extension of the Show is Exclusive to Plus+ Members. To learn how to join, click HERE. Humanoid Reports & Other Encounters / 2010 - August 2012: Part 4 Year-long Stay on ET Base Music Minnesota - Tokyo via Salacious Sound Yin Yang Audio - Blinded (Original Mix) via The Get Downnn Spoonty - Forest via Me, And All My Friends Flume - Sleepless (Sondrio Remix) via Sydney Be Heard Luke & Jimmy - Yellow Magic (Original Mix) [BUY] Nils Noa - Skogsdans (Simon Baker's Traces Mix) via blouse Spoonty - Let's Glow via repeatbutton

 Mysterious Universe : Episode 819 – Mysterious Universe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 58:44

We wrap up the week's news with NASA's pending announcement bound "for the history books", new hairy apemen sightings in the UK, and Transhumanism in our schools, before heading into some dark territory with encounters with 'Seductive Brazilian Dolphin-Men.' We then look at some new cases of automatic writing and possible scientific studies to back up its authenticity, before getting lost in the world of the Occult with the legendary John Dee. Read on for show notes, music, and books. Big News From Mars? Rover Scientists Mum For Now Could Curiosity rover have discovered organic material on Mars? Student Expelled for Refusing Psy-chip ‘Britain’s Bigfoot’ spotted in Tunbridge Wells New Bigfoot Sighting IN THE SHADOWS OF THE TIGER-MEN AND WERE-TIGERS Encantados Grieving mother receives messages from dead son from beyond the grave Injecting Radioactive Chemicals in Spirit Mediums' Brains. For Science! Abduction or imagination? Is something in our forests? Plus+ Extension The Extension of the show is exclusive to Plus+ Members. To join, click HERE. Tell your creepy Forest Story Im from the Constellation of Libra and i can proove it .. in a way Dr. Dee Meets the ETs John Dee - Astrologer to the Queen Shifting Beyond 2012 by Adama of Telos - Ascending into a New Era Music The Other Tribe 'Sing With Your Feet' (Shadow Child remix - edit) Van She - Jamaica Dungeon edit Ultraista - Gold Dayzz (Maribou State Remix) John Talabot - Estiu Hot Toddy - Down to Love (Henry Krinkle's Lush Haus Mix) snacs - Relax Dude (Float) City Calm Down - Sense Of Self (Ta-ku Remix)

 Mysterious Universe : Episode 818 – Mysterious Universe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:22:54

What is the true essence and meaning behind the symbols that have accompanied humankind from ancient times to today?  Dr John Ward joins us this week to explore this question and discuss ancient Egypt, esoteric symbolism, and The Sirius Project. We also feature the latest news from the week along with updates on Chile's real life 'Dharma Initiative' in our Plus+ extension. Read on for show notes, music, and Ankhs. Dr. John Ward The Sirius Project ============================================ Civilisation is making humanity less intelligent, study claims Artificial skin that can sense touch and heal itself Vegetative state patients can respond to questions ‘Destroy the idols,’ Egyptian jihadist calls for removal of Sphinx, Pyramids Paradigm Symposium 2013 Plus+ Extension The Extension of the Show is exclusive to Plus+ Members. To join, click HERE. Chile: "Friendship" and Its Collateral Effects Music Naysayer Gilsun - In Mind Ambassadeurs - Second Thought Fat Jon - Raindance (Remix Instrumental) Doctrine - Hush LyteSho - Autumn Time Cosmic Kids - Never Going Back Desmond Cheese - Polyfizzal Drizzal heRobust - Crystalinstrumental

 Mysterious Universe : Episode 817 – Mysterious Universe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:45

Pack your bags MUFON because Ufology is dead according to your UK counterparts. Never mind your increasing number of sightings every month, the Brits have spoken.  We also feature the mysterious Black Knight satellite and its strange appearances in 1960 and earlier. Space junk, alien artefact  or a remnant from our forgotten past? Plus+ members will also discover the practice of "Left Hand Tantra" if they pay close attention. Read on for show notes, music, and book links. Obama win should keep NASA's asteroid, Mars plans on course Elon Musk’s Mission to Mars Shadow Operations: The Mars Project - TrueTV Super-Fast Space Travel Would Kill You in Minutes UFO enthusiasts admit the truth may not be out there after all UFO witness reports on rise: U.S. investigations expanding Aerial Phenomena Conference Planet Weird Update The Black Knight The Black Knight from Space The Five Most Likely Explanations for Long Delayed Echoes Daniel Scranton channeling The Creators on the shift and the upcoming elections Light Language Transmission with Jamye Price - November 2012 Chinese man sues wife for being ugly, wins $120,000 Music Song For Her Feat. Ria Moran (Audiojack's Dub For Ra) - Beatport Sorrow - Sleepless Nights via Portals We Sink - Blackspot via Waxhole Throwing Snow - Aspera NOH - UP by NOH (Nod One's Head) Insightful - Secure via repeatbutton KOAN Sound x Gemini x Culprate x Asa – Beyond The Shadows via Music for Morons

 Mysterious Universe : Episode 816 – Mysterious Universe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:38:18

We return to our comfy Sydney studio after two weeks on the road to recount our favorite moments from the Paradigm Symposium and our fan meet ups. Elliot joins us later in the show to share his experience at The Origins of Consciousness tour along with some personal accounts of psychoactive substance use. Read on for show notes, music, and more. Disney buys Lucasfilm for $4 billion Felix Baumgartner: Mars is a waste of your tax dollars UFO war being waged in Antarctica, claims scientist UFO War–UFO Bisected, Other Bizarre Developments! Breaking News! Buddhist monk is the world's happiest man Given Tablets But No Teachers, Ethiopian Kids Teach Themselves Listen to Your Intuition, Because Your Body Can Predict Future Events Without Conscious Clues Dennis J. McKenna, Ph.D. A Species with Amnesia Music Roleo - Sydney State Of Mind via Repeatbutton 813 - 360 via High Maintenance in Toulouse CATCHING FLIES - Sunrays via RepeatButton CATCHING FLIES - Let Your Hair Down Kill Paris - Baby Come Back via REMIX86

 Mysterious Universe : Episode 3 & 4 – MU Paradigm Special 2012 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5:33

Our 4th and final Paradigm Symposium special episode is now live (Ep3 has been in the feed for a few days) with a run down of the Symposium's final day and our very first USA fan meet. We have to say here that Scotty Roberts, Micah Hanks, and their people have put on a superb event. The quality of the speakers and the attendees was astounding and we are already planning our return trip to The Paradigm Symposium in 2013. Plus+ members can find all four full length special episodes in their feeds or at the member's site.

 Mysterious Universe : Episode 815 – Mysterious Universe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:02:57

Mystery Booms, doomed space jumps, and mobile death rays all get a look in before we discuss Newsweek's latest cover story on a Neurosurgeon's incredible near death experience. We then revisit the return of the humanoids from Albert Rosales' database and delve deeper into 'Science and the Afterlife' and global ley lines in our Plus+ extension. Read on for show notes, music, books, and more. This show is proudly sponsored by Audible. Click HERE for your FREE Audiobook! Official MU Fan Meets in Minneapolis & NYC Felix Baumgartner's 'space jump' scrubbed again due to bad weather Stratos Remixed The death-ray on wheels: US Army begins testing monster laser truck that can shoot down anything, including missiles Mystery Boom Rattles NJ Community More Sounds From Central Michigan, One of The Most Active Locations In The U.S. Near-Death Experience on the Cover of Newsweek Heaven Is Real: A Doctor’s Experience With the Afterlife Audible Recommendations Aaron - What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained by Robert L. Wolke Ben - The Hydrogen Sonata: Culture, Book 10 by Iain M. Banks 1989: Fall of the Iron Curtain / Return of the Humanoids - Part 3 1989: Fall of the Iron Curtain / Return of the Humanoids - Part 4 Plus+ Content – Sign up Today! Across the Coils of the Feathered Serpent MAPA —Los Ovni y la Arqueología de México Dragon Paths Ley-Lines Beyond the Rational - Matt Ridley - Zeitgeist 2012 Music Jorge Takei - The Clock via The House of Disco Max Cooper - Gravity Well (Microtrauma Remix) via My Life Is Acid Dot - Fuck U All the Time (Dot Remix) via Bizzies Pále - Orchidea (Fat! Records) via ACIDTED Simina Grigoriu - Boondocks via Simina Grigoriu - Boondocks Midnight-Gerlactic (M83 vs Beastie Boys) Stereoclip - Stereoclip (Opprefish remix) via Delicieuse Musique Pablo Bolivar - Stand By (Original Mix) via EARMILK  

 Mysterious Universe : Episode 814 – Mysterious Universe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:02:02

Satellite Hacks and space junk harpoons get things moving on this week's long play before we revisit the Japanese Hominid files from Cryptomundo and the most bizarre ET encounters you've ever heard. In our Plus+ extension we investigate the ancient Greek prophetess and her tunnel to Hades along with some good ol' fashioned Vampire slaying. Read on for show notes, music, and Audible recommendations. This episode is proudly sponsored by Audible. Click HERE to get your FREE Audiobook.  Space: the new cyber crime frontier UK design to 'harpoon' old satellites 3d printing firm pulls pin on US 'printed pistol' project 3D-Print Your Own Ancient Art at Museum Scanathon The Pokemon Plot: How One Cartoon Inspired the Army to Dream Up a Seizure Gun Japanese Hominid Files 1- The Hibagon MY TOP TEN STRANGEST ALIENS - CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE BIZARRE KIND! Plus+ Content - Sign up for Access Today! The Unsolved Mystery of the Tunnels at Baiae Never Fall Asleep in a Hungarian Cemetery Toilet paper? No I just use my hand… Audible Recommendations Aaron: At Home by Bill Bryson Ben: The Inner Pulse: Unlocking the Secret Code of Sickness and Health Music VILLGE - Nothing Between Us (Re-Edit) Finnebassen - If You Only Knew (The Mekanism Remix) Broke For Free - As Colorful As Ever Neil Davidge - Awakening (Gui Boratto Remix) Kaiju - Lone Wolf (Original Mix)  Pascal Benjamin (Daniel Beasley RMX) - Deepness (Jeremy Juno & Daniel Beasley Remix) Soul Bossa Nova 

 Mysterious Universe : Episode 813 – Mysterious Universe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:11:23

Jonathan Witcomb makes a guest appearance to discuss his research into sightings of the Ropen, the modern day Pterosaur. Is there a population of this giant flying reptile still undiscovered by modern humankind?  We also feature a new report from New Mexico of a family being harassed by tall mysterious figures with illuminated red eyes, more first hand paranormal reports from nurses, and the non-human chameleon's that stalk San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit train. Read on for show notes, books, and music. Charles Halt, Former Air Force Colonel, Accuses U.S. Of UFO Cover-Up The 'Night Stalker': Terrible Being Torments Family "The Night Stalker" Chile: The Mothman Visits La Serena Jonathan Whitcomb - Live Pterosaurs Dashrath Manjhi – The Man Who Moved a Mountain Man caught trying to board plane with monkey in his pants Whats your best nursing ghost story? Night of the Wicked Priest [original story. Update to be posted soon] The Hairy Hands Horror The Earth can sing! Listen to its 'chorus' The BIG OM! Music Eprom - HURRICANE via The Astral Plane Ta-ku - I'm Into You via Kick Kick Snare Broke For Free - The Gold Lining via Les Petits Bruits fedbymachines - She Grows, Goes via EgyptianMaraccas Stereo Express - Sweet Dreams (Original Mix) [BUY] Lapalux - The Hours via Les Petits Bruits Dubfire - Road Kill (Original Mix) [BUY]

 Mysterious Universe : Episode 812 – Mysterious Universe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:05:10

The show kicks off with news of warp drives, spider bots in space, and a joint China/USA force fighting aliens and "time things". Yep "time things".. solid source on that one folks. We then have a surprising update to an old classic tale of a burnt Sasquatch being rescued from a brush fire only to have the incident covered up by authorities. A new source steps forward to corroborate the account with additional information. Read on for show notes, music, and books. NASA turns to 3-D printing for self-building spacecraft NASA Starts Work on Real Life Star Trek Warp Drive TEDxEmbryRiddle - Jason Dunn - 3D Printing in Space 'We are speaking about trillions of carats': Russia reveals vast diamond source under 62-MILE-WIDE asteroid crater which could supply world markets for next 3,000 years UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco Bigfoot injured by a forest fire was taken away and hidden by the authorities, not even Robert Lindsay can top this story Anonymous Former National Guardsman Claims Mount St. Helens Burnt Bigfoot Story Happened Nurses & Their Ghost Stories! MEN-IN-BLACK? Plus+ Extension The extension is exclusive to Plus+ Members. To learn how to join, click HERE. Cosmic Cars and Other Road Oddities The burglar with the lemon juice disguise Woman who destroyed fresco wants to sue Music June-Miller---Brussel-North-(Asa-Remix)--EM0912 via EARMILK Volor Flex - About You via ZacGk Reso---Aegis--EM0912 via EARMILK Rounds - Escapist via Human Drizzle Ride vs Paus - Atlas via Punch Magazine

 Mysterious Universe : Episode 811 – Mysterious Universe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:05

This week we start off with news of a magazine dedicated to Exorcists in Poland before looking back to a Catholic Priest from the 16th Century who enjoyed practicing dark arts and teleporting into young maiden's bedrooms.  After a quick swig of hallucinogenic golden nectar we look at the Island off the coast of Chile that sounds eerily reminiscent of the TV show LOST down to the secretive group that inhabits said island. In Plus+ we then look at a serious crime in Korea where a man may have been framed by an Octopus. Read on for show notes, music, and portals. Exorcism boom in Poland sees magazine launch 16th-Century Trial Records Reveal Priest's Magic 'Superpowers' Taking the P*ss: Did Shamans Really Drink Reindeer Urine? Chile: An Interdimensional Vision? Strange Experience in Concepción Friendship in Strange Places: A Mysterious Chilean UFO Story LOST in Friendship Island of Chile?... Unveiled Secrets and Messages of Light Laughing Old Hag Plus+ Extension The extension of the show is EXCLUSIVE to Plus+ Members. To learn how to join, click HERE. Drunk North Korean man floats to South Korea Man Frames Octopus for Murder or Vice-Versa, Trial Ongoing in South Korea Saints Preserve Us! Self-mummification The Entity Angelique Cottin: The Electric Girl 2012-2032 transition to the golden age - Diana Cooper Music JK Soul - Hit It (2012 Edit) via Music for Morons Fulgeance - Step Thru via ZacGk DJ Mentos - Yesterdays Gone (Instrumental) via musigh Cassian - I Love it via Loudat Ultraista - Smalltalk (Four Tet remix) via indieHearts Joel Hood - Campanero via Hearing Gold Ta-ku - Hey Justin (RE  TWERK EP) via Stolen Records

 Mysterious Universe : Episode 810 – Mysterious Universe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:05:04

After briefly touching on a Ukrainian scientist's claim that he's discovered a pyramid "built at the time of the dinosaurs" we reveal the hallucinations experienced by sufferers of 'Charles Bonnet' syndrome and tackle the question that inevitably unfolds on the origins of consciousness.  Micah Hanks and Scotty Roberts then join us for an update on their new co-authored project and the upcoming Paradigm Symposium before we eventually make our way to tales of Sasquatch abductions, baby snatching Werewolves, and flying Italian monks from WWII. Read on for show notes, music, audiobooks, and more. This episode is proudly sponsored by AUDIBLE. Click here to get your FREE audiobook download. Mysterious lights in sky over Burbage "drain phone batteries" World’s oldest pyramid found in Crimea What Hallucinations Reveal About Our Minds Eye Spirits New Dawn 134 (September-October 2012) Origins of Consciousness Paradigm Symposium • October 18-21, 2012 Baby-Stealing Werewolf Audible Recommendations I have everyone... Starting with me - Joan Rivers Moon Shot - Dan Parry Plus+ Extension The extension of the show is exclusive to Plus+ Members. To learn how to join, click HERE. The train that went through my sister's bedroom Possessed By The Dark Padre Pio Paranormal Man Man fakes death to make sure girlfriend really loves him before proposing Music Huess - Splash Pamela via ISO50 Bwana - Baby Let Me Finish (Saine Remix) via Upside Sounds Flume - Flume - Tropical Sun (Ferris remix) via Caveman Sound Chief - Scanner Resurrection [BUY] J:Kenzo - Invaderz [BUY] VILLΛGE - Wanna Tell You via Music for Morons heRobust - Bandana Pancakes via 92bpm Lapti - Phat via esau.se

 Mysterious Universe : Episode 809 – Mysterious Universe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:26:57

Yvonne Smith returns to show to talk about her upcoming book and her continuing work with victims suffering from  alien abduction induced PTSD. Life long abductee Jesse Long also joins us to share his own shocking experiences with non-human entities and we then explore the often bizarre world of Channeling with multiple shades of madness. Read on for show notes, music, and videos. Yvonne Smith Yvonne Smith ------------------------------------- ** The Paradigm Symposium ** Get your tickets quick! Essex Police investigate 'lion' sighting near St Osyth Image of 'Essex Lion' that sparked massive police hunt is finally revealed The Essex lion farce Man posing as Bigfoot hit by cars, killed A Coat Can Make You Smarter Hacking your BRAIN: Scientists reveal they can find out your pin number, and even where you live - all using a cheap headset Space Elevator Project Shoots for the Moon Space Elevator Science - Climb to the Sky - A Tethered Tower Alien Encounter May Not Be Happy One, Says Nobel Prize Winner Episode 414 – Mysterious Universe Extraterrestrial Intruders The Allies Briefings Channelling Videos: Light Language activation: Thoth Blue Moon Scarab, clearing akashic records, activate download Light Language Activation: Mother Mary-Activate Merkaba & programming of feminine Light Language Transmission August 2012 Plus+Extension The extension is exclusive to Plus+ Members. To join, click HERE. I should be dead Dejavu saved my life on two occasions Alien abduction Jesse Long Woman Takes Part In Search For Herself Music ryan hemsworth - slurring [baauer remix] via The New Black Synkro  Indigo - Guidance via Phuture Labs Doc Daneeka  Abigail Wyles - Tobyjug via Indieshuffle Koreless - Lost In Tokyo via Indie Shuffle Shadow Child- So High via Blah Blah Blah ryan hemsworth - slurring [baauer remix] via The New Black Doc Daneeka  Abigail Wyles - Tobyjug via Indieshuffle