Inside the Bearcats Podcast: 1.9.13 -- Mo Egger

Inside the Bearcats Podcast show

Summary: The Inside the Bearcats Podcast returns as I head to the ESPN1530 studios to chat with UC football/basketball engineer/play-by-play/talk-show host and versatile member of the Cincinnati media, Mo Egger. We dissect all things UC basketball right now from the comfort in being discounted nationally, what evolution of Shaq Thomas could mean, impact of Justin Jackson's benching and the never-ending topic of the effect of the schedule. Also, we veer off into Mo's brush with Dennis Rodman, the concept of the double-dip buffet, Charlie Manuel's texting ability and the grand honor of winning the Atlantic Division. Much thanks to Mo for his time, which ended up being more than he probably bargained for, and I'm extremely grateful. Of course, you can read his blog here or follow him on Twitter here or listen to him on ESPN1530 pretty much every day from 3-6 p.m. Enjoy. Direct Download