Conversations with Jeff Huber and Bill Coughran

Cullinane & Green Report show

Summary: Anyone who uses a computer knows about Google and what a great tool it is. But very few know about the people behind the scenes – the engineers who build it, grow it, keep it running like a swiss watch and of course make it possible for Google to be one of the world’s most profitable businesses – on or off the internet. On today’s show Roger has conversations with two of the most senior engineering managers working at Google, who will tell us about their views of the Google phenomenon. First Roger talks with Jeff Huber. Jeff joined Google in 2003 and is the company's VP of Engineering. In this role, Jeff leads the technology development and innovation efforts for Google's advertising and monetization systems, including Google's AdWords and AdSense programs. Jeff brings more than 15 years of experience in large scale systems design and operation, online consumer product development, high volume transaction processing and engineering management. Prior to joining Google, Jeff was VP of Architecture & Systems Development at eBay where he championed the development of their product search infrastructure and expansion of the platform API program. Before eBay, Jeff was SVP of Engineering at Excite@Home, where he led consumer product and infrastructure development for the largest broadband service provider. Earlier in his career, he was a technology consultant with McKinsey & Company, and founded a software development startup. Jeff holds a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois and a Master's Degree from Harvard University. Next Roger talks with Bill Coughran. Bill is Google's VP of Engineering for Systems Infrastructure where he is responsible for large-scale distributed computing programs underlying Google's products. Bill joined Google engineering in early 2003 where he began working with the web crawling, storage, and other systems teams. In addition, Bill is an author of more than 50 publications and has served on several editorial and conference boards, and technical advisory committees. He has also held adjunct and visiting positions at Stanford, the ETH, and Duke. Bill holds an MS and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University as well as a BS and a MS in mathematics from Caltech. We know you’ll enjoy this ‘behind-the scenes’ look at one of the most interesting and important technology companies in the world today. As always, at Cullinane & Green we’re on the bleeding edge so you don’t have to be!