Top 10 Parenting Insights from 2012

The Child Whisperer Show With Carol Tuttle show

Summary: What insights do you need as a parent this year? Hundreds of parents called in to last year’s radio show. Use the top 10 insights they taught with their questions and stories so you can be a better parent this year. What you get from this show’s Top 10 list How to better take care of yourself. Why validating emotions isn’t the same as giving in. How to help our children take charge of their health. What you need to make changes as a parent. How you can learn from how Carol set things right with her children this year. What your older children need to maintain your connection. How true friendship is created in a family. How to keep your children from turning away from family to technology. Where to turn when you’re not sure what to do. What you MUST be willing to do this year if you’re going to be a good parent. Carol uses the first 20 minutes of every show to talk about her chosen topic, and then she opens up the lines to answer live questions. To ask Carol your question or share your success story, call in during the next live Child Whisperer Show. To share an idea for a future episode, please send an email to: