Marfa Mondays 9: Mary Baxter, Painting the Big Bend

C.M. Mayo's Podcast (Marfa Mondays & More) show

Summary: Mary Baxter came to Marfa years ago for the horses and cattle business and stayed to paint the sky-haunted landscapes in a Sorolla-like play of light: mountains, plains, horses huddling beneath a cliff, a canyon bruised purple with twilight, gold grass, the visual Haiku of a red water tank. Recently returned to Marfa after a decade in (relatively nearby) Marathon, Texas, Mary Baxter talked to C.M. Mayo in her sun-filled studio in October 2012. > View some of Mary Baxter's works at > Read her biography and view more works at Hunt Gallery > Transcript > MARFA MONDAYS PODCASTING PROJECT (ALL PODCASTS)  > World Waiting for a Dream: A Turn in Far West Texas > C.M. Mayo's home page (books, articles, and more)