Quickcast #14 — Shrinking Packages Make Kati Grouchy

The Saver's Kitchen show

Summary: Show Description Kati is noticing that package sizes are shrinking. She isn't happy about it because paying the same for less, still means she's paying more. Learn what she's doing to save money. Show Notes The Wall Street Journal article mentioned is, "Food Giants Race to Pass Rising Costs to Shoppers." Another good article to read is, "The Lowdown on Downsized Products" by Consumer Reports. To calculate the unit price of a food product, first find the number of units in the package. Often, this is ounces, pounds, pints, or liters. Sometimes at the warehouse clubs the units in the container are smaller packages. Examples here include tubes of yogurt, cheese sticks, cans of soup, etc. Once you find the number of units, divide the price by that number. This will give you the cost per unit. One warehouse club package of yogurt tubes costs $7.99 and contains 32 individual tubes. Divide $7.99 by 32 to find the cost of each tube (or unit price). In this case, $7.99/32= $0.25 per tube. Here's a link to Kati's Price Comparison Log. Write us with comments, ideas, or suggestions. Subscribe in a reader There you can select your podcatcher of choice--iTunes, Odeo, Podnova, etc.