July Free Business Idea #4 (of 4) + TeenBiz: The Course!

TeenBiz - Small Business for Students show

Summary: (or right click here and select "save target as..." to download) Idea #4: Make $20 Over and Over Again Wanna make money while you make money? That is the 4th business idea for the month of July! Tell people about TeenBiz: The Course v2.0 that is officially named "The 7-Day Startup" and every time someone you sent to the site places an order...you make $20. Send emails to friends, put a link on your blog, put ads on Google...do whatever you want, every time someone buys...you get 75% of the profits. Click here for details: https://paydotcom.com/a.page.php?id=14910&u=rowsbydog Secret Hidden Link for TeenBiz Listeners The price for the 7-Day Startup is $27...but here's a little secret that is exclusive for TeenBiz listeneres. When you visit the website (http://www.the-sse.com/) click on the little house made of folded $50 dollar bills at the top...instead of paying $27 you will only pay $9! It doesn't look like a link, its just the top banner, but I stuck a hidden link in there so that TeenBiz listeners could get a sweet deal.