Twisted Wrist - Show 38

The Twisted Wrist Podcast show

Summary: The Twisted Wrist Show 38 for January 13, 2008. Comments to or 1(206)457-4289. A commute-cast about the Dakar Rally cancellation Lawrence Hacking's new book Thane Silliker's article in The Star Widder heated clothing is closing shop NAm Intl Motorcycle Supershow 2008 recap and listener comments from . Motorcycle Ride Reports podcast SydeStand Up podcast Rally Raidio podcast Hillel's Angels rally Northern Exposure 24 hr rally Don't forget to check out the Motorbike Journals podcast! This episode dedicated to the memory of Wally High. Theme music "Get Up!" by Helix courtesy the Podsafe Music Network. Download Show 38 Length: 1:04:14 Size: 45.2 MB