Investing Beyond Sovereigns: Emerging Markets Corporate Debt

Lazard Asset Management show

Summary: Over the last two decades, emerging-market (EM) countries have constructed a solid macroeconomic foundation, as witnessed by stronger GDP growth, improved control of inflation, and more accessible capital markets. In addition, EM companies have developed healthy fundamentals, leading to significant advancements in the corporate-debt market. As a result, EM corporate bonds have evolved, and have garnered attention as a notable component of global portfolios. Emerging markets corporate debt is one of the fastest-growing areas of the EM space. It currently offers higher spreads, and on average produces a higher yield than its developed-market counterparts. Please join Arif Joshi, Portfolio Manager/Analyst on Lazard's Emerging Markets Debt team, as he examines this growing investment opportunity set and discusses implications for investors. Featured Speaker: Arif T. Joshi, CFA Managing Director, Portfolio Manager/Analyst Arif Joshi is a Portfolio Manager/Analyst on Lazard's Emerging Markets Debt team. He began working in the investment field in 1998. Prior to joining Lazard in 2010, Arif was with HSBC Asset Management (formerly Halbis) where he served as Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager. At HSBC, Arif was responsible for global emerging markets, focusing on corporate and sovereign credit analysis, risk management and quantitative modeling. He began this role at The Atlantic Advisors LLC (acquired by HSBC in 2005). Prior to HSBC, he was an associate at Strategic Management Group where he advised Fortune 500 companies on finance and corporate strategy. Arif has an MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School and a BS in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.