083: Holiday Gift Guide

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Summary: With the Holiday Season upon us, Pete and Dom give an eclectic run-down of their favourite gear, gadgets and software that have caught their eye. There's something here for all tastes and budgets! -= Links =- iCraze Laptop Stand - http://www.preneurmedia.tv/icraze Macbook Air - http://www.preneurmedia.tv/macbookair Doxy Portable Scanner - http://www.preneurmedia.tv/doxy Elgato Turbo 264 HD Video Encoder - http://www.preneurmedia.tv/turbo264 BedPhones - http://www.preneurmedia.tv/bedphones Shure Headphones - http://www.preneurmedia.tv/shure215s iPod Shuffle - http://www.preneurmedia.tv/ipodshuffle Apple TV - http://www.preneurmedia.tv/appletv FitBit Fitness Monitor - http://www.preneurmedia.tv/fitbit Panasonic GH3 Camera - http://www.preneurmedia.tv/gh3 Livescribe Pen with Wifi - http://www.preneurmedia.tv/livescribewifi Dell 24" Monitor - http://www.preneurmedia.tv/2ndmonitor Evernote Premium - http://www.preneurmedia.tv/evernotepremium Screenflow 4 - http://www.preneurmedia.tv/screenflow Audible Books Free Trial - http://www.preneurmedia.tv/audible Amazon Prime Subscription - http://www.preneurmedia.tv/amazonprime - Previous PreneurCast Episodes: All previous episodes are available over at http://preneurmedia.tv along with show notes, links and full transcripts of each episode. -=- For more information about Pete and Dom, visit us online at http://www.preneurmedia.tv or drop us a line at: preneurcast@preneurgroup.com If you like what we're doing, please leave us a review on iTunes or a comment on the Preneurmedia.tv Web Site.