Maryanny Abbate, The 5th Quarter; Mike Mason, The Violet Flash

Teen Talk Radio show

Summary: A live interview with Maryanne Abbate at ICRS. The Abbate’s lost their son Luke in a rekless driving incident when he accepted a ride from a classmate. The move The 5th Quarter, starring Aidan Quinn and Andie McDowell, was made to tell their story. Listen to this poignant interview with a mom who has done the unthinkable and suffered the unimaginable. Mike Mason joins the program at the halfway point. In The Violet Flash, Mason combines fascinating characters and unforgettable plots with tales of love, friendship, faith, and family, resulting in a story that is truly wonder-full. As an added bonus, Mason has cleverly included several outtakes in the book’s “Afterwords” section, plus a glossary. The Violet Flash will capture the hearts, minds, and spirits of young readers, not to mention those slightly older readers who pick it up.