Sol Rexius, Rock-Solid Faith Study Bible; Tricia Goyer, The Memory Jar

Teen Talk Radio show

Summary: First up on Teen Talk this week, Sol Rexius with the Rock-Solid Faith Study Bible just for you! Rock Solid Faith Study Bible For Teens Helps Build Confidence in God’s Word. This all-new Bible features the complete NIV text, as well as other insightful and informative inserts: Rock Solid Truths that examine Christian beliefs and explorations of other religions; Rock Solid Principles that apply the Bible to relationships, sex, money, and more; Rock Solid Promises that call out what is (and is not) promised in the Scriptures; Rock Solid Plans that explore God’s plan for daily life; Unshaken People that provide scriptural examples of overcoming challenges; and Unshaken God that points out God’s amazing and unyielding attributes. Next up on Teen Talk, Tricia Goyer, author of The Memory Jar talks about making your own memory jar, celebrating life's experiences, and embracing change.