Anime Addiction

theCDspace show

Summary: Alas, I'm back. Life has been crazy, work got more crazy the past week, and I never know what day it is anyway, so I totally spaced last weeks episode. I am, truly, sorry. So this week, you have three songs, anime, a game, and more, 30+ minutes. The quality is a little weird this week, I found a way to amp up my mic, but then had to remove noise, and now it sounds like I'm in a tube. I'm still working on getting a good recording on this new computer. As mentioned in the 'cast, if anyone has contact with Joss Wheedon, let me know. He MUST be persuaded to continue the serenity movies. Anyway, here are the show notes: Jamendo: Mend Mend Website IronRealms Earth Eternal Funimation Negima! Gunslinger Girl