077: Conversation with Jordan Pine

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Summary: This week, Pete talks to Jordan Pine, a specialist in short-form Direct Response Ads for TV. Jordan shares lots of tips with Pete about this fast-moving medium, and Direct Response marketing is applicable almost everywhere, so be ready to take notes. -= Links =- - Books: My Life in Advertising - Claude Hopkins Ogily on Advertising - David Ogilvy Reality in Advertising - Rosser Reeves Tested Advertising Methods - John Caples Triggers - Joseph Sugarman Salesman of the Century - Ron Popeil - Online: http://www.scimark.com - The site of Jordan's company, Scimark http://scimark.blogspot.com.au - Jordan's blog, where he critiques Direct Response Ads from various products. -=- For more information about Pete and Dom, visit us online at http://www.preneurmedia.tv or drop us a line at: preneurcast@preneurgroup.com If you like what we're doing, please leave us a review on iTunes or a comment on the Preneurmedia.tv Web Site.