Android After Dark! 12 - Nov 17,2010

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Summary: Android After Dark is an uncensored live talk show for the Android community to use as a forum to discuss our favorite mobile OS. Our show features live call ins, a very active chat room, and an upbeat format. We chat about any topics relating to Android including rumors, competition, reviews, apps, and more. Sometimes controversial, always fun! To get the most out of this podcast, you should listen live at 7PM Pacific, 8PM Mountain, 9PM Central, 10PM Eastern, 0200 UTC (Monday morning)every Tuesday night! Android After Dark is part of the community. Find us at and On this weeks episode: Matt enjoys altering the Outline for the show Erc Schmidt confirming 2.3 for Galaxy S! Facebook Vs. Google... ROUND ONE, FIGHT! The QUESTION: "What iOS/iPhone feature do you wish android had?" Matt's Special time, there is an app for that!