139 BPM - Easy Does It

PODRUNNER: Workout Music show

Summary: Hard workouts made easy with this gently building, steadily pushing mix. Keep Podrunner going with a contribution or purchase at https://www.podrunner.com/donate.html. PLAYLIST: 01. Paul Prior - Ten Thousand Legions 02. Graham Dunn - Pinch of Salsa (Nicko Vee Mix) 03. Pablo Roma, Marcelo Vasami - Pushing Me Away 04. Dexter - Yeah Yeah Yeah 05. Terrence Parker - Holy Spirit 06. Africano, Mella, Sanjay Hari - Deewee (Size Zero Remix) 07. Brahma - Peaks of Destiny (Nick Hogendoorn Remix) 08. Aris and Allis -