Episode LVIII: The Podcast Identity

The Deucecast Movie Show show

Summary: Its The Deucecast Episode 58, The Podcast Identity!  Mikey and d$ are back for more supremacy in the podcast world, and joining us is the return of Mikey's (not)twin sista' Stephanie... joining us for more fun, making the trip from her home state of Missouri just to be here to see the show!  Later on in the show, we get to trailers for "Django Unchained " and "Wreck-It Ralph "... Charlie Sheen's new 'tude... Green Lantern's new choices... John Mayer's new humiliation... and Miley Cyrus' new ring.  We kick it off with an unidentified cola-type drink, called "Cola", and then we dive into discussions about Magic City Brewfest... Steel City Pops... searching for the perfect IMAX... baby talk... and former co-host Matty visiting overseas... Mikey's Music takes on The Lumineers , while d$ brings home another American Buried Treasure, M.C. Gainey, in Part Three of the Buried Treasure Americana Series... then Mikey tries to reclaim his dignity in Round Two of "Battle of the Sexes" with his sista'... We get happy with The Big Three this week too, with the songs that make us smile the most... and its an expounded, expanded, larger-than-life list with Tupac ... The Goo Goo Dolls ... Sheryl Crow ... The Avett Brothers... and last but certainly not least Kenny Loggins ... Next week... we get The Good Doctor Earl in studio and discuss The Big Three Favorite Movie Opening Scenes... and a round of The Ryan Phillipe Game... more Mikey Music Crap... and d$ discovers his powers.  His Powers Booth, that is.  That's on The Deucecast Episode 59: The Podcast Supremacy