The Novel Experience Podcast – Interview with Publisher Clare Thorbes Part 2

The Novel Experience show

Summary: Hey lovers of words and stories. Welcome to The Novel Experience®, the podcast dedicated to the craft and art of fiction writing. Listen, enjoy and improve your chances of getting published! Episode 13: From Words to Print Today, I continue my three-part chat with publisher, editor and visual artist Clare Thorbes (click link above or below). Clare brings a diverse perspective to the writing/publishing business, being a professional editor and former co-owner of Salal Press, a boutique publishing company during the nineties. Listen to discover the inside scoop on what a small publishing house looks for in a manuscript. Also, ever wondered what is meant by "finding your voice"? Don't despair; using the visual arts as a comparison, Clare's explanation is simple and clear and soon you and your "authorial voice" will be one. (duration ~ 15 minutes) The Novel Experience Podcast Ep. 13 - Clare Thorbes 2 This episode's music track is a demo of a very touching song, A Better Man, by Glynne Turner. Find out more about Clare's editing services and her art by emailing her at thorbesedit (at) gmail (dot) com.