MOT #89 - Thinking Can Make Impossible Become Possible

The Mind of a Trader show

Summary: Mind of a Trader has a new home! ------- I am sure that all of us have seen the statue of The Thinking Man. It is an amazing sculpture that evokes in individuals many different emotions and ideas. As a trader, if we are always worrying about what might happen if we do this or do that and if it is wrong that we will lose money, then we will rarely if ever have a successful session. I submit that if we take time before we begin a trading session to think about all of the correct decisions we will make, all of the good trades we will execute, all of the money management actions that we will adhere to and so much more, then we will be so far ahead of multitudes of other traders. When we take time to think about what we desire to accomplish and what skill sets we have and how we will put them to use while we trade, when the session is over we will many times be amazed at what we have accomplished. Don't begin trading with thoughts of it being impossible to succeed or else your results will match those thoughts. Fill your thoughts with confidence and focus on what you truly desire to happen and then let yourself just go ahead and make it happen.