MOT #90 - Don't Just Look, Make Sure That You Truly See And Understand

The Mind of a Trader show

Summary: Mind of a Trader has a new home! ------- Many of us have made trades after a quick look at our charts and later we look back and say "I wish I would have taken a little more time before I did that". In the world around us, everyone is always rushing to do everything especially in making a decision. I understand that sometimes you are forced to make quick decisions, however as a trader, you will regret quick decisions more times that you will congratulate yourself. If we have committed to our risk management, money management, trading strategy along with our overall plan for our session, then I recommend that if you truly want your sessions to be more successful, take a few more seconds in every step. Take a few more seconds to not just look at the charts, but to truly see and understand what you see. Take a few more seconds to determine where you entry point and exit point is and not just wing it. Take a few more seconds to prepare and instead of just looking and deciding, clearly see and understand what you see and you will enhance your trading performance.