MOT #93 - From Good to Great

The Mind of a Trader show

Summary: Leave a comment or voice message for Steve at: ------- I am confident that each of us has achieved success in certain areas of our life... business, sports, family, health, trading and so many other areas. Once we reach a strong level of success and can clearly see that we are good at what we are doing, don't allow yourself to stop. Don't be afraid to step away from the success of "Good" to strive for "Great". All of us will experience being good at many things, and we need to take time to enjoy that and reap the rewards. However, we should never stay still and go stale. Look for ways to enhance, strengthen, stretch your wings and when you do this; you will see that you have so much more that is within you. When you learn how to take this step, you will then have the urge to share it with someone else. This is how we pass it on so that the growing never stops. Don't be afraid to stretch. Be excited about moving towards feeling great.