Episode #116 of "Library of the Living Dead" - Less Music, More Mayhem

The "Library of the Living Dead" Podcast show

Summary: Welcome Good Librarian to Episode #166. You'll find more stories in this one and less songs as requested. Here's what you get for free: 0:00 - "Zombie" by Steve Cain 4:19 - Doc's intro 5:38 - "Out the Window" by Shuffler 9:02 - Jake Bible's "DEAD MECH" Chapter 5 38:45 - "Letters From The Dead" by ZombieSurvivor 53:20 - Corey's Eerie Examination - "Survival of the Dead" 1:09:58 - "The Last Hope" - Wm. Todd Rose 1:15:14 - Ozzy - "Bark at the Moon" no vocals 1:19:26 - "Story of Mikey Lee" - Grumpydaysleeper 1:21:24 - Dwarves - "We Must Have Blood" Visit us at the forum: www.libraryofthelivingdead.lefor.com At the website: www.thelibraryofthelivingdead.com Forum link: dr-pus.podomatic.com I hope you enjoy the show. Undead love, Doc