Summary: SHOW NOTES Settling in to our format, we get down to our standard half-hour running time, and have our first interview. We have something for everyone this time out, including stuff about Lost, 24 and Return of The Saint. 1 min 10 secs: IS LOST LOST? A network executive comes to the show’s defence. 2 mins 10 secs: GOLDEN GLOBES 2007 – the television-orientated awards results. 3 mins 55 secs: “24” RETURNS - on both sides of the Atlantic. 6 mins 00 secs: MORE AWARDS NOMINATIONS ANNOUNCED. 7 mins 30 secs: US PRODUCTION NEWS – including the Stateside adaption of The IT Crowd, an animated Smallville spinoff, and a new SF comedy called “Area 52”. 10 mins 50 secs: TV THEMED MUSIC OF THE WEEK. This time it’s “TV Dog” by Rock Down Baby. 14 mins 15 secs: WHAT’S WHAT TO WATCH. Katy gives us her choices of what she makes time for during her TV week. 23 mins 45 secs: WHAT’S COMING OUT FROM NETWORK – The inside track on the first quarter’s releases from this excellent DVD label, including “Return of the Saint”. 29 mins 10 secs: BOSTON LEGAL RETURNS. 31 mins 50 secs: CLOSING CREDITS. Release Date of Podcast: 22 January 2007 This podcast can be found at TV INSIDER - News, Reviews and Interviews in the worlds of extraordinary fictional television - Details at