Episode 2:10 - Stranger in a Strange Land

Nanowrimo Podcast 2007 show

Summary: So stinkin’ liberating! Get yer free mp3s here (listen carefully to hear the sweet sounds of a hard drive spinning - spin baby, spin!). feedback Michael wants to publish and mentions lulu.comdonnieg liked hearing his words read, and is kicking ass & taking namesNan has reached that magic point where the characters are doing their own thingsnano-newbie Sarah (not the other Sarah) sent me a really nice email – yay! I’m happy to help! main course omg! donnieg has a green bar!Sforzie is over 100Ktraveling for me = crap for wordcount reading Robust McManlyPants’ excerptshinan’s excerpt s-s-s-something from the forums where do you stand in your region?