Episode 2:11 - The Self-Indulgent Show

Nanowrimo Podcast 2007 show

Summary: Wherein the host waxes poetic about all the lovely encouragement she’s gotten from the listeners and Oscar-Mike-Golf! Another McManlyPants novel is done! Listen to the fangirl babble. feedback Michael sent me a very encouraging nanomailNan is sent me another great email about her excitement about being so close to done, worrying about typos and nice stuff about the podcast and its wonderful listeners main course woo hoo! to all the listenersmany of us are very close to finishing if you aren’t close to 50K, don’t forget that this is one of those weird things where starting is almost as good as finishingwe’re novelists – how cool is that?my neighbour & friend Kris got the green bar so did Robust McManlyPants, about whom I talk for too long reading Eugenia's excerpt s-s-s-something from the forums let’s encourage each other