Episode 2:13 - End Days

Nanowrimo Podcast 2007 show

Summary: Less than 48 hours left. So, why are you listening to me?feedback Sarah has questions: 1. What’s your day job? - I'm a civil servant for the Government of Canada 2. What novel writing program do you use? I always wondered if those programs were worth purchasing. - I use CopyWrite, it's awesome and totally worth buying (Mac only) 3. As a nano veteran, is it normal for nano participants to sink into gut-wrenching depression when it’s all over? I swear I think I’m a freak. I’ve been on this amazing creative high for a month now, and I reached the 50k mark, and then plummeted into the pit of despair. is this normal, or am I in desperate need of lithium? - Yes, it's normal Michael says, “Do you ever write scenes where your characters are standing around waiting for you to tell them what to do? That’s depressing. Then later something clicks, and your characters are doing things you didn’t intend them to do, living a life of their own. That’s fun.” main course Eugenia is a winner!Sarah is a winner!displaced beatnick is a winner!to everyone else who is a winner – congrats!!to everyone else who’s madly writing – go go go!! reading Sarah's excerpt s-s-s-something from the forums reaching 50K