Vid.CBS Early Show - TV Shows For Sale, Falling Apple Stock, A Confusing Tool For Losing Hearing & Sight 10.13.05

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Summary: Click on Image to Watch Video in QuickTime Player. Sandra Hughes reports for The Early Show - TV Shows for sale - ABC's TV Shows "Desperate Housewives", "Lost", "Night Stalker" & two Disney Channel sit-coms "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" and "That's So Raven" are for sale for $1.99 an episode from the iTunes Music, or rather now Media Store (iTMS). Jeffries & Company analyst Adam Benjamin thinks Apple has a 6-month to almost a year competitive lead with the video enabled iPod and videos for sale at the iTMS. Sandra mentions Apple stock falling due to Wall Street's lower than expected iPod sales. Yeah, they were only through the roof as usual. Two women in the street - one clueless while the other totally gets it. At $299 she says, "Considering what an iPod cost when it first came out, that's a steal." The post package quad anchor desk chit chat implies iPods are hard to figure out and may damage your ears and next your eyes. Nobody there expressed the least level of marvel at this development. Interesting few seem to understand the iPod has had video output since the introduction of the iPod Photo a year ago. Let's not forget video headsets you can wear to have a large screen experience out of that little iPod. On researching this product, I've noticed they are currently not in strong supply and cost $300-$400 based on old designs. So I imagine this development will inspire AV engineers all over the world to making the development of a new generation of inexpensive video headsets an engineering priority for introduction ASAP. These will be light, run on AAA batteries and have independent LCD "screens" that can individually be flipped up so you can watch vids with one eye while you walk, jog, or ride mass transit. This may be the hot iPod video accessory for 2007.