New iMac G5, iPod Video, iTunes 6 SteveNote California Theatre, San Jose CA 10.12.05 + New 2 x Dual-Core PowerMac G5 Quad NYC 10.19.05

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Summary: Download the 108k PDF of this article with working links by clicking here Read Lev Grossman's October 24 TIME Magazine Cover Story "HOW APPLE DOES IT" by clicking here or on the image Watch the SteveNote in QuickTime Player by clicking here or on the image Watch James Kim, Senior Editor of CNET, First Look at iPod, iMac and iTunes Videos by clicking here or on the image iMac as Remote Controlled Media Player, Video Conference Node, Media Creator iPod as Portable Multimedia Player of Audio and Video iTunes 6 as Multimedia Delivery Vehicle for RSS Feeds, Library Organizer-Manager iTunes Media Store as the Place To Buy New Media, Get Free Media, Subscribe to Free Audio and Video Podcasts 0:40 Act I - iMac Third Generation iMac introduced a year ago sold over 1 million in first year. All-New iMac G5 A great computer gets even better 1:50 - 1. Even Thinner Design 2:20 - 2. iSight videocam built-in (better quality-higher specs), Video Conferencing Out Of The Box + PhotoBooth 3:50 Demo 4:00 Video Conferencing Out Of The Box 5:30 PhotoBooth - awesome effects. Takes stills from the camera with a flash of white screen for light. 8:35 3. Front Row with Simple 6 Button Remote Control - vs. 44 buttons on regular remotes . Enjoy Music, photos & video from your sofa. 9:33 Demo. Listen to Music, Watch Photo Slideshows, DVDs & Videos via remote. 13:35 Video Podcasts, Tiki Bar, Rocketboom in the menu 14:30 Movie Trailers Built-In automatically streamed from Apple servers 19:10 - 4. ATI Radeon X600 Pro (XT on 20" model) 128 MB DDR Video RAM, PCI Express Graphics Bus 5. PC2-4200 (533 MHz) DDR2 SDRAM 512MB on motherboard 1 empty expansion slot up to 2.5 GB capacity with one $1200 Apple 2 GB stick (street $400), 8x DL SuperDrive, Airport Extreme, Bluetooth 2, Mighty Mouse - Technical Specifications Expansion Ports are now in a horizontal row near bottom left rear (rear view). 6. Complete Creative Digital Life and Productivity Software Suites Included 19:55 - 17" 1440 x 900 @ 1.9 GHz PPC G5, 633 GHz Front Size Bus, 160 GB SATA $1299 - same as old model 20" 1680 x 1050 @ 2.1 GHz PPC G5, 700 GHz Front Size Bus, 250 GB SATA $1699 - $100 less than the old model Shipping Today 20:50 Act II - iPod Almost 30 Million iPods Shipped as of September 24, 2005, end of last fiscal quarter 75% Market Share of all mp3 players Introduced iPod nano 5 weeks ago today. Sold over 1 Million in first 17 days. Demand exceeds supply. 21:50 Critical Aclaim 22:30 "But what about the white iPod? It's been a huge success for us. And therefore it's time to replace it. Today we are announcing the new white iPod. As we head into the holiday season. And it's a stunner." New iPod Video 22:55 "And yes it does video." 1. The Best Music Player We've Ever Made. Audio Books - Features 2. Photos Best Ever, bigger better screen to see them all better 3. Extras - see up to 4 clocks at once, calendars, games, Stopwatch with lap timer, Screen Lock 4. And Now Video 5. 2.5 inch TFT, 320 x 240, 260k colors, H.264 at 30 fps, MPEG 4 at 30 fps, TV out - Specs Recap - Music, Audio Books, Photos, Podcasts - both spoken word and video, Home Movies, Music Videos and a whole lot more. 27:00 30 GB is 31% thinner than the old 20 gb model. White or Black w/Case, 7.5k songs, 12.5k photos, 75 hrs video $299 27:15 60 GB is 12% thinner than the old 20 gb model. White or Black w/Case, 15k songs, 25k photos, 150 hrs video $399 28:00 Box Shot Shipping Now 28:35 Strongest Holiday Lineup Ever iPod nano, new iPod, new iMac 29:05 new iPod ad - Bono U2 singing on the iPod screen 31:20new Silhouette iPod + iTunes ad - Eminem, Curtain Call - The Hits Outdoor Bus Stop and Billboard ads Accessories Car Integration iPod + iTunes Auto-Sync 33:30 Act III - iTunes Over 200 Million copies distributed woldwide 84% Marketshare last month for all legally downloaded music iTunes 5 introduced September 7, 2005 - Just 5 Weeks Ago New iTunes 6 Four New Features 34:35 - 1. Gifting - the ability to give someone songs, albums, playlists & videos 35:18 - 2. Customer Reviews - 10 Million accounts get a voice to write reviews 35:50 - 3. Just for You - personalized recommendations based on your purchase history. Beta with feedback button 36:38 - 4. Video for sale, over 2000 Music Videos, 6 Pixar Shorts @ $1.99 Downloading video specs - 320 x 240, size of about 6 songs FairPlay DRM play on up to 5 computers Play on unlimited number of iPods No CD or DVD burning allowed but you own it, no rental fees, never times out. 39:00 Demo 39:20 Gifting is the most requested feature, customer reviews, Just For You 40:25Music Video section FatBoy Slim - Weapon of Choice Madonna - Vogue U2 - Original of the Species Front Row on the new iMac, Playing Music Videos Playing music, photos and videos on big screen from iPod 47:30 One More Thing... TV Shows ABC & Disney - 5 Shows - Lost, Desperate Housewives, Night Stalker, The Sweet Life of Zack & Cody and That's So Raven, Ad Free @ $1.99 1 show (43 min) = 5 albums download size Old Episodes plus new ones the day after airing 51:45 Demo Desperate Housewives (DH) from last Sunday Free Previews every episode Plays DH on the iMac full screen and it looks great, but not 16 x 9 HD widescreen aspect ratio SD 4 x 3 Versions only 54:55 Robert Iger CEO Disney - "Great Content intersects with Great Technology" Ann Sweeney deserves credit for making this happen. 59:10 59:50 Steve sums up. Notes this historical moment, October 12, 2005, when Video is added to the iTunes Music Store and iPod. 1:02:00 Congratulates all the Apple employees who have made this happen 1:03:00 Encore born 1961 New Orleans, 35 albums 9 grammys, Pulitzer Prize winner Winton Marsalis performs New York City 10.19.05 New PowerBooks with higher resolution screens with PCI Express video and up to 16 GB ram New dual-core PowerMac G5 Dual and PowerMac G5 Quad PCI Express Graphics Cards Aperture RAW Photo Editor TelevisionWeek 10.17.05 TVWeek Cover Story by Jon Lafayette Disney Deal Is Apple of Advertisers' Eye, Madison Avenue Sees Exposure Offsetting Commercials' Absence TVWeek Guest Commentary by Scott Sternberg Viewers Make Rules in New Media World