Interview with Winemaker Aaron Piotter of Ferrari -Carano Vineyards

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Summary: Don and Rhonda Carano's dream when they first came to Sonoma County was to create a winery estate where they could craft world-class wines of unprecedented quality. Today, Ferrari-Carano's success is based first and foremost on the persistent dedication of the best vineyard and winemaking teams, and their commitment to making the finest wines year after year, without compromise. Characterized by their elegance and finesse, depth of flavors, complexity and richness, Don and Rhonda's vision for Ferrari-Carano's multidimensional wines has been realized, and are among the most enjoyable wines on the market today. For special discounts for this winery, please go to, or e-mail Frank Mangio is a renowned wine connoisseur certified by Wine Spectator. His library of columns can be viewed at, where he is one of the top 5 wine commentators on the web. Reach him at mangiompc@aolcom.