Zinfandel Advocates & Producers

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Summary: Zinfandel may be one of the most unusual grapes around---according to all of us who have studied it intensely, farm it carefully and enjoy consuming it (carefully). Zinfandel.org is the official website for Zinfandel Advocates & Producers! Zinfandel Advocates & Producers consists of over 5,000 Advocates across the United States and internationally and over 300 producers of Zinfandel. Click here for a complete listing of all of the producer-members. The organization is headed by an Executive Director, Rebecca Robinson , and a Board of Directors . The Board for 2006/07 consists of President Justin Boeger, Boeger Winery. The Vice President is Bruce Walker, Starry Night Winery. The Treasurer is Bernie Scarinzi, an advocate who has been actively involved with ZAP for a number of years. The ZAP Board Secretary is Duane Dappen, D-Cubed Cellars. Founded in 1991, ZAP is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to advancing public knowledge of and appreciation for American Zinfandel and its unique place in our culture and history. The common focus is the preservation and recognition of Zinfandel as America's wine. ZAP organizes seminars, educational programs, and tastings at wineries and other settings across the United States to explain the uniqueness of the Zinfandel grape. ZAP promotes the continuing research surrounding the origins and history of the Zinfandel grape, including support of the Heritage Vineyard , the development of the Zinfandel Aroma Wheel , and acts as a resource, connecting the Zinfandel community around the world. The organization brings its members together through a busy calendar of events literally across the country, ranging from the Annual Festival in January, to tours of different cities in the U.S. ZAP also organizes Zinfandel Days in each of California's winegrowing regions, where Zinfandel producing wineries in a specific growing region open their doors for specialized tastings and entertainment for members of ZAP on specific weekends.