Letters to the President - Episode 7

Dear George: Letters to the President: Podcast show

Summary: The Port of Newark or the Port of Dubai? In two weeks since the announcement of the sale of six major US ports to UAE-Owned Dubai Ports World, a roar of outrage came from Americans of all political sides, leading to a power game between congress in an election year and the President, ultimately leading to DPW announcing plans to immediately sell off the US portion of its takeover of the British company currently running the ports. Marcus notes that this is probably the first time that we realized that our ports were, in fact, foreign owned, and Meredith replies with cool-headed reasoning from her Texas kin who work in the shipping industry, and quips that George Bush has finally united the country on at least one thing. Agree? Disagree? Write your own letter at DearGeorgeLetters.com Opening/Closing music: "Daisy" used courtesy of Jeremy Mix Dear George: Letters to the President - Episode 7