Lou Reads: AskReddit: Whats Your Most IRL Porn Story?

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Summary: Thanks to the over-sharing members of the mighty Reddit for sharing their stories in <a title="What's the most Porn plot like senario to have occured to you IRL? (self.AskReddit)" href="http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/n3t0n/whats_the_most_porn_plot_like_senario_to_have/" target="_blank">this thread in AskReddit</a>. I would like to commission a study on the apparent high frequency of  three-way sexual encounters and internet use. Are young people having more three-way sex because of the internet? Are internet users more likely to have menage-a-trois? Will they let me watch them? Don’t worry. This is all on the up and up. You know… for science… Yes… Thats why I want to know about it… for science…<br> I’ll say that I’ve only been in one of these porn like situations once or twice. Sadly, none of them ever came to fruition. One time, I had 2 sisters let me choose between which one I wanted to go to sleep with. I ened up choosing neither because I am a loser… I’m so sad now. I’m a good person… when do I get my IRL porn situation… This world is unfair…<br> I hope you enjoy this episode of Lou Reads the Internet for YOU! Please tell everyone you know about it!<br> <br>