The 20MR Episode 80: Listener Emails, Goodbye to a Friend

The 20 Minute Runner show

Summary: Thanks for tuning in again for yet another installment of the show, Episode 80. Or if you are new to the podcast, thanks for coming along. Why not send me an email while it's on your mind? This episode covers various topics and is a hodgepodge of sorts. We cover running and non-running items: The Clinical Pastoral Care (CPE) update The Tigger/Cola update The weight update The snow and ice update Emails from Coach Jeff of The Running Podcast and Craig, a faithful listener Impromptu discussion with my neighbor, Jason, at the end of the run (Check out a video of a group Jason was in here). I also devote several minutes to saying goodbye to one of the podcast world's best known (and loved) running podcaster, Nigel, of Running from the Reaper fame. No, Nigel has not gone to the great running trail in the sky, but is hanging up the mic indefinitely. Nigel, know that we will miss hearing you running on the towpath and hope to hear you in our ears again very soon. All the best and thank you again for keeping up Running and Channel Your help with promoting this--and other great running podcasts--is appreciated. Also, check out a new website to our show, Bay Area Kicks (I will also include the link in the links section on this page). They give reviews on athletic apparel and shoes. Check 'em out; you'll be glad you did. It's good to have you along. And as always, Thanks for sharing some of the road with me, The 20 Minute (chi) Runner Download this episode (right click and save) _________________________ The opening music is entitled "Point of No Return" and is from the album by the same name by Roger Subirana Mata. Check it out at Jamendo. The song in the body of the show is "Some King of Blues" by Amy Regan. Check it out at Music Alley. The closing song is "Time to Say Goodbye" by Brett Mikels. Check it out at Music Alley.