The 20MR Episode 85: Running with Bert

The 20 Minute Runner show

Summary: Our Care Group--Bert is in the back on the extreme right Welcome to Episode 85 of the show. It's been a few weeks, but life is finally settling down. We recently preached for the last time at First Wesleyan Church. Click the link here if you are interested in viewing it. Go to "media" and click on the message for May 15, 2011. I spend some time in this show discussing the new position at Piedmont Crossing and also talk about the importance of relationships. Speaking of which, Bert and I run together for the first time--before the collapsed lung (we talk about it near the end of this show). He in in the picture above of our Care Group. He went further than I thought he could, but has to step back because of the recent lung problem. However, I hope to be running again with him soon. We will take the recorder for the run itself at that time. In the meantime, hang in there Bert. The weight will come off and you will soon be both in the gym and on the roads again. Call me when you're ready to run--or need a bit of advice about the training. Thanks to all of your for listening. And as always, Thanks for sharing some of the road with me, The 20 Minute Runner _________________________ The opening and closing music is entitled "Point of No Return" and is from the album by the same name by Roger Subirana Mata. Check it out at Jamendo. The song in the body of the show is "Harmonica Stomp" by David Miller. Check it out at Music Alley. The background music is entitled "Second Half" by John Williams. Check it out at Magnatune.