The 20MR Episode 86: Interview on Chi Running

The 20 Minute Runner show

Summary: My lost class ring...found! Welcome to Episode 86. It is so good to be back after a few weeks away from the show. With the transition to the new position at work, things have simply been so hectic--and time consuming--that I have found it hard to put a show together. Not to worry: we are still running and planning on the fall marathon in November. But in this episode, it is really a pleasure to share another interview that coach Jeff Smith from way down in Australia was nice enough to have me on his show to do. Follow the link to the show here to hear the entire episode of "The Running Podcast." We also share an email from Randy Greenway and want to congratulate him on his first half marathon. Way to go Randy! And breaking 2.5 hours was awesome! Keep up the training and let me know if we can help in any way. Finally, we close things out with another short segment from Jeff's show on the etiquette of racing. It was so good, I wanted to share it with you in my show. Thanks again Jeff. And for my listeners: please check out his show at the link above. You will not be disappointed. Hope to see you in 2 weeks with another episode as we begin getting serious about training for the NC Marathon. Stay tuned...And as always, Thanks for sharing some of the road with me, The 20 Minute Runner _________________________ The opening and closing music is entitled "Point of No Return" and is from the album by the same name by Roger Subirana Mata. Check it out at Jamendo.