PodPudding Show 7

PodPudding show

Summary: Yes, it's been a while, but so worth the wait! Here's Show 7 for the whole world to relish. The featured artist is Dylan Donkin ( www.dylandonkin.com & www.myspace.com/dylandonkin ) of the U.S along with a 'sneak leak' of a band from Show 8 currently in production named Park Police also from the U.S. Though difficult to actually categorize, Dylan's music appears to have derived influences ranging from Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Elliot Smith and the Beatles. Yet, it's a copy of none. His music stands on it's own. We've been lucky to have received an advance copy of his EP titled "Food For Thoughtlessness" and we're playing it in it's entirety for you. Here's the play list: 1) Diatom Blues - Dylan Donkin 2) Make A Choice - Dylan Donkin 3) The Commonaut - Dylan Donkin 4) Mission Song - Park Police 5) Fall Through The Wall - Dylan Donkin 6) Yolk - Dylan Donkin And the lead out song ( which was initially featured on PodPudding Show 1 ) is "Open Skies" by Parikrima from India. Thank you for listening. Please do leave us your suggestion & comments ( and may be even praises!?!) at "podpudding@gmail.com", or, right here in the comments section. To make a donation please click on the Pay Pal button.