Living Your Passion with Mark Amtower (@amtower)

The Prosperity Lighthouse Show show

Summary: Nat Couropmitree, Inner Harmony Coach and Host of the Prosperity Lighthouse Radio Show welcomes Mark Amtower. Mark is an author, consultant, speaker and radio host who focuses on one market – doing business with government. In Why Epiphanies Never Occur to Couch Potatoes, Mark Amtower offers everyone and anyone the tools for creating a successful life by establishing the only criteria that matters, the terms defined by you. In Epiphanies, Amtower outlines his personal Ten Laws of Survival and Success, full of edgy wit and wisdom. The principles outlined in this book will assist you in moving past old limitations to claim new territories of success. Amtower’s laws have taken him from “just another D.C. consultant” to national prominence as one of the most influential people in his market, with two books, being quoted in over 150 publications, and hosting a radio show in Washington, D.C.