654: How to Help Others Be Seen and Heard, with Scott Shigeoka

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Summary: Scott Shigeoka: Seek<br> Scott Shigeoka is an internationally recognized curiosity expert, speaker, and author. He is known for translating research into strategies that promote positive well-being and connected relationships around the globe, including at the UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and through his popular courses at the University of Texas at Austin.<br> <br> Scott implements his curiosity practices with leaders in the public sector, Fortune 500 companies, Hollywood, media organizations, education institutions, and small businesses. He is the author of Seek: How Curiosity Can Transform Your Life and Change the World*.<br> <br> Often we think about curiosity as a way to get information. And yes, it does do that, but there’s a much bigger opportunity that many leaders miss — taking the next step with curiosity to actually help connect better with others. In this episode, Scott and I highlight four phrases that will help you do that better.<br> Key Points<br> <br> It’s a mistake to limit the purpose of curiosity to only information gathering. Deep curiosity can be one of the best ways to create connection.<br> Saying, “I don’t know,” may elicit fear in a lot of us, but leaders who can do this are often perceived and more competent in their work.<br> The invitation to, “Tell me more,” is a way to respond to a bid from someone for attention that opens to door to feeling seen and heard.<br> Even if you don’t literally say the words, “I understand that you're more than your job,” making that clear in your conversations helps limit work-life conflict and uncovers better ways to support others.<br> We tend to have a bias in the workplace for the people who traditionally have the “answers.” Asking, “Who else?” opens the door to surfacing the best ideas, regardless of who they originate with.<br> <br> Resources Mentioned<br> <br> Seek: How Curiosity Can Transform Your Life and Change the World* by Scott Shigeoka<br> 4 Phrases That Build a Culture of Curiosity by Scott Shigeoka<br> <br> Interview Notes<br> Download my interview notes in PDF format (free membership required).<br> Related Episodes<br> <br> How to Be Present, with Dave Crenshaw (episode 511)<br> How to Inspire More Curiosity, with Shannon Minifie (episode 520)<br> How to Genuinely Show Up for Others, with Marshall Goldsmith (episode 590)<br> <br> Discover More<br> Activate your free membership for full access to the entire library of interviews since 2011, searchable by topic. To accelerate your learning, uncover more inside Coaching for Leaders Plus.