Hope is NOT a Plan | Foundations Friday #102

KEV Talks Podcast show

Summary: Having hope is crucial. It helps us persevere when we're feeling stuck, motivates us when we're unwell, and pulls us out of the depths of despair during difficult times. However, while hope can be a powerful driving force, it's not enough on its own to get things done.* Hope won’t build a fire, make a shelter or find a water source when you’re stranded* Hope will not get you out of bed; push your body to move through the trauma and begin to heal* Hope alone will not help you succeed at work and advance in your career* Hope is not a stand-alone solutionWe need more than hope. We need a process. We need a plan.For more on planning on kevtalkspod.com visit this link (https://kevtalkspod.com/?s=plan&orderby=relevance&order=DESC).Godspeed y'all,Kevin