Episode 101- Agent Sebastian of 'Cart Narcs' Teaches Us How Not to Be a Lazybones

Rik's Mind Podcast show

Summary: Do you return your shopping cart where it belongs? ‘Cause Sworn Agent of the ‘Cart Narcs’ Agent Sebastian has a problem with you if you don’t! Cart Narcs is a task force started by Agent Sebastian to get lazybones to return their carts back to the corral (where they belong). Through a combination of politeness, bravery and persistence, Agent Sebastian’s mission is to clean up shopping center parking lots, one cart at a time. Agent Sebastian shares his stories of having guns and knives pulled on him, shouting matches and what takes to be a Cart Narc. You can find Agent Sebastian on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (but not tik tok) @CartNarcs. Don’t run into the Cart Narcs, return your cart!! Show Notes: Cart Narcs | Youtube Cart Narcs | Instagram ‘I'm a Fat A-Hole’ Cart Narcs | Youtube 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman | Rob Bliss on Youtube Dr Phil Publicly Shamed by The Cart Narcs | Youtube