Road Trip: Did you pack the Gospel?, with Mark Thomas - Part 2

Red Word Exchange: Invest Time to Grow in God's Word show

Summary: Do you consider the Gospel to be the most important thing to pack when you are going on a trip? Evangelism On Fire's Mark Thomas certainly does. Last week, he encouraged me as he documented his 4-state evangelism journey from Virginia to Florida. He set a goal to share the Gospel in every state and was successful. Join us for the interview and prepare to be more knowledgeable about sharing your faith and more inspired to take the Gospel on your next trip.  Interview #2 follows Mark from South Carolina to Georgia. Listen and learn about this Gospel encounter which occurred on a coffee stop at Dunkin Donuts.   Mark Thomas and Evangelism On Fire's Podcast Information: Click the link to join our Evangelism On Fire Facebook community today: Check out our website:   Give to our mission of spreading the Gospel message:  Share today's episode with at least one person. Sharing is caring!