Private socialization lessons for "Misfit" dogs of NYC: A conversation with two SFTD (human) clients

School For The Dogs Podcast - Dog Training & Animal Behavior with Annie Grossman  show

Summary: The term "misfit" originally referred to people who were considered to be not great fit for their surroundings -- an ill fit. I miss fit. At School For The Dogs, we see it as our goal to help dogs -- whenever possible -- exist comfortably in an environment that may not be the best fit for them. New York City certainly isn't the best fit for many  individuals of any species, which is perhaps one reason why we have several programs specifically for Misfit dogs. In this episode, Annie talks to two School For The Dogs clients who have been attending a couple of unique types of private sessions: Dog Socialization and Misfits Day School. New York-based dog owners Alyssa and Jen talk about how these sessions have helped them help their "Misfit" dogs. Learn more at ***** NEW: Subscribe to Brainy Box, and you'll get a new enrichment toy and new treats every month. Get 15% off for a limited time. Code in episode! Learn more and sign up at Like this podcast? Subscribe, rate and review on iTunes! Follow us on Instagram @annie.grossman @schoolforthedogs --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>