June Had It’s Revenge

Between the Reps with Brooke Ence & Jeanna Cianciarulo  show

Summary: This week on Between the Reps, Brooke & Jeanna share past airplane travels. Where as Jeanna recounts a recent horrific travel story. And Brooke addresses a recent confrontation. Send us emails at: betweenthereps@gmail.com  For more Brooke on Insta: @brookeence  For more Jeanna on Insta: @jeanna_cianciarulo To watch Between the Reps podcast videos on YouTube:  https://bit.ly/BTRYouTube  Thanks to our sponsors: For an exclusive offer listeners can go to https://magbreakthrough.com/reps and use REPS during checkout to save 10 percent and get free shipping.  Our listeners get 10% off their first month at BetterHelp.com/reps. Go to goli.com/REPS and you will be brought straight to the checkout page with our amazing discount already applied!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices