How has technology influenced the way we date and the stigmatization of online dating? (Part I) (Lauren Rosewarne)

Undesign: A Social Change Podcast show

Summary: <p>If you’ve seen shows such as the Tinder Swindler, Inventing Anna or The One, it would be easy to believe that technology enabled romance is rife with danger and subterfuge. Yet despite popular culture’s fixation with the risks of online dating, it has been the bread and butter of current personal relationships for years. So why is it still often hidden, demonized or stigmatized? In this episode speaking with Dr Lauren Rosewarne from the University of Melbourne, we unpick why online dating is unprecedentedly popular, yet is often still seen as an inferior or dubious way to find love, partnership and sex. </p> <p>For more, go to DrawHistory's website:</p>